Fingerprint Time Clock for Small and Medium Size Business

Businesses Save with MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock

The fingerprint time clock is the wave of the future. Luckily, MinuteHound has made it possible to get one today. They have made it available to businesses who want to save money and time. It is all about taking control and eliminating employee time problems.

Good Bye Time Cards
Saying good bye to time cards and the old fashioned machines has made management teams very happy. Shorter processing times are due to the fact that all data is saved and recorded. The benefits of a fingerprint time clock have made the decision to switch an easy one for companies across the country.

Employee Time
The fingerprint time clock technology allows businesses to keep track of employee’s times. It stops time theft and fraud. The MinuteHound system ensures that the person clocking in or out is the one that should be. This is a positive way to develop an honest work environment that is beneficial to everyone.

Employees can feel confident that their information is secure. Each fingerprint is encrypted into a 128bit binary number. All the numbers are stored in remote locations to further ensure their security. Workers readily accept the change when they understand the procedure.

Real Time
There is no time like now. A fingerprint time clock allows managers to see the data as it is happening. This information can be accessed from anywhere around the world. The only requirement is internet and a web enabled device. This allows supervisors to keep track of what is going on while they are out of the building.

The set up procedure and operation requires no extra training. It is basically a plug and go system. Once the scanner is delivered, it just needs plugged in to the computers USB port. The basic software is downloaded and the employee enrollment begins. The fingerprint time clock can be linked to many different computers in various locations using a consolidated reporting system.

Saves Money
How To Stop Time FraudOne of the biggest draws for most businesses is that MinuteHound fingerprint time clock saves them money. It nearly eliminates the need for a paper trail and saves money on payroll costs. The fingerprint time clock is an economical choice for any sized business.

Payroll Processing
Payroll processing is normally a long tedious procedure. MinuteHound has changed all of that with the fingerprint time clock. The detailed information can be quickly accessed and payroll processed.

Start Today
Now is the time to give MinuteHound a try. They offer a 100% money back guarantee on the scanners, free lifetime updates, and the best support staff in the industry. The MinuteHound scanners are mailed out promptly. Businesses see a change in how well everything runs right from day one.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock.

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