Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews Reveal Additional Product Benefits

Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews: Eliminate Errors and Fraud

Payroll budgets have long been burdened by the losses that come with inaccurate employee time and attendance. Researching fingerprint time clock reviews on the value of MinuteHound turn these losses into gains. MinuteHound time clock software eliminates errors, delays and even fraud. Time card, time sheets, and punch clock systems simply cannot stop time theft. Also please be advised that time theft is present in both blue and white collar work environments. The only way to stop time theft, is with biometric technology. MinuteHound promotes accurate pay for accurate work.

Fingerprint time clock software maintains security against co-workers entering each other’s information for unearned time. MinuteHound also has the ability to send an email and/or text message to alert designated managers. If your employee comes in late or leaves early, your managers are instantly notified. This also creates documentation in case you ever need a paper trail for your employees. This alert system helps avoid overtime and forgetfulness. The software literally ensures your employees are always honest. All the bad habits get stopped. The positive work habits begin!

Keep Your Employees HonestTake a look at this picture. The reason why it is so funny is because it is so true! The average employee steals 54 minutes a day from their employer. The more senior your employee, the more obligated they feel they can steal time. Extended lunch breaks and being a few minutes late everyday add up to lost money. Alot of it! Use these fingerprint time clock reviews to your advantage. The technology exists for a reason. So put it to work for you!

Use Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews To Identify Ways to Save

Reading other fingerprint time clock reviews can help identify useful ideas to improve your own work site. There are so many unique ways that individual companies will benefit from the ability to positively pinpoint worker attendance. No inventory. No contracts. No learning curves to overcome. Also the technology is advanced, however simple to use. The fingerprint scanner is plug and play. Also MinuteHound provides support just in case you ever run into an issue. You can call, and someone will answer, 24 hours a day, everyday. The service and support in these fingerprint time clock reviews are only found with MinuteHound.

Reduce Costs. Increase ProfitsThe initial equipment and monthly service fee for MinuteHound is low. These fees include the cloud storage of your data in secure encrypted format that never exposes the actual fingerprint to risk. Fingerprint time clock reviews show the financial value of direct recording of data to eliminate transcription errors. The online interface spreads this benefit over many job sites. The data is accessible wherever you have an internet connection. From mobile devices, laptops, and tablets, you can check and view reports 24/7.

Fingerprint time clock reviews also notes that MinuteHound is green technology. There are no time sheets or time cards to account for. All reporting is done online and requires no paper to operate. Information is easy to find. Many filters help you find exactly what your trying to, and quickly. MinuteHound offers various ways to save time and money. Using a biometric attendance machine is guaranteed to save you between 2% – 8% of your total payroll costs on average. Click here to figure out your savings. One more final perk, is that MinuteHound pays for shipping and handling. So many reasons to switch. What is your reason why you shouldn’t?

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