Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews: Safety In Numbers!

Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews: USB Your Way To Savings!

No fingerprint time clock reviews of available software would be complete without a look at the terrific offering from MinuteHound. This is a very well designed and executed product. So many of the features and benefits will be welcomed by anyone using time clock technology to track employee time. For starters, MinuteHound time clock software will notify you if your employees show up late, leave early, or not at all. The software acts like your personal assistant, notifying you of any changes to the schedule.

The first impression that you get in these fingerprint time clock reviews is one of considerable ease of use with the MinuteHound software. The system utilizes a small biometric fingerprint scanner connected via a USB cable to any nearby computer. No dedicated machine was necessary for this software to operate. The software runs in the background of any system you currently own. There is no other inventory. Just an internet connection and a power cord is all you need. All information is safely held in a cloud based location. This is a great feature, for no added memory is taken up on your computer. Also, no information can ever be lost this way.

Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews: Safety in Numbers!

MinuteHound’s software program in these fingerprint time clock reviews can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. This allows reports to be accessed easily from anywhere. If your in Russia or Rhode Island, you can access your reports. This is a great benefit for management and business owners. Your able to track employee time and attendance reports from internet enabled smart phones, tablet or laptop. This is very convenient and handy for busy individuals. Never leave the office again! With MinuteHound software your able to 24/7 be connected to your workplace.

Stay Connected To Your Office From Anywhere with MinuteHoundOnce scanned, the employee fingerprint is secured by 128-bit encryption. It is then passed over the secure network. There will be no concern about employee identity. Fingerprint images are never stored! Instead, MinuteHound breaks down fingerprint’s into numbers, therefore ensuring information is 100% safe at all times. Also since we are speaking about numbers; MinuteHound’s price points are very desirable.

Most of the clients that switched to MinuteHound have seen a return on their investment within the first couple months. This system literally pays for itself, making it an easy and solid decision. You can click here for a brief overlook of all the features.

Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews: One Big Question Remains

Another great feature of this fingerprint time clock technology is the obvious ease of use. Set-up is simple, and no training is necessary to get the system fully up and running. It is very user friendly and support is readily available should any help be required at anytime. You can reach MinuteHound by phone, e-mail, or web. There are numerous video tutorials to walk you through every process. The experienced staff at MinuteHound will help, assist, and answer all of your concerns.

Time is Money! Invest with MinuteHound Today!The fingerprint time clock reviews found this the answer to many office needs. MinuteHound’s time clock software will help prevent employee time theft, buddy punching, and more. The best feature of all, is peace of mind. MinuteHound offers a full refund if at anytime you ever want to return your scanner. When you order, shipping and handling are also free. Just another added benefit to a great product. MinuteHound software can save you between 2% – 8% on payroll costs. It also takes up the space of a coffee mug. So not only do you save money, but valuable office space.

The only question left to ask is; What are you waiting for! MinuteHound does not require any contracts to be signed. All the technology is plug and play. The technology is advanced, however it is simple and easy for the user. MinuteHound also offers free upgrades for the life of the product. There are no hidden fees or charges to ever worry about. MinuteHound time clock software is also green, making it paperless and effective. MinuteHound offers many ways to save. Stop wasting time! Make the switch today.

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews: The Results Are In! Start Saving Today!

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