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How An Employee uses the Fingerprint Time Clock

The fingerprint time clock is a small and simple device that plugs into any PC. It is only the size of a computer mouse with a 6ft. cord so it can be easily used and mounted anywhere. Once you plug it in, just have your employees start using it! They love it as it is so simple and easy. No pens, paper, time cards, badges or anything else to keep track of and remember. They just walk up to the scanner, place their finger down and their time begins. The fingerprint time clock starts recording the time they are physically present. This means no more buddy punching or time theft. Employees can no longer steal time or cover for their friends. The fingerprint time clocks keeps them honest, which honest employees love. No one wants to do the right thing just to watch others keep getting away with doing the wrong thing. Installing the fingerprint time clock will make everyone happy and most of all, productive.

How an Employer Uses the Fingerprint Time Clock

If you’re the boss the you will really love the fingerprint time clock! Without even being there your employees are kept honest and in-line. There is no other option to record time than being present. As your employees clock-in for the day, while you’re drinking coffee and catching up on e-mails, you can check the live stats from any PC or mobile phone to see how showed up, when, and where they entered. You can also immediately see who did not show up. The fingerprint time clock is so nifty it even sends text messages to alert managers an employee never clocked in. It is the same as having an extra pair of eyes on site at all times! The fingerprint time clock is proven to work and provide real time information for companies looking to have a better control of their workforce.

How to Start Using the Fingerprint Time Clock!

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