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MinuteHound: The Simple Attendance Software Solution for You

Is your business suffering from complicated payroll, time card fraud, or difficult-to-use time clocks and software? There’s an answer for you: the simple attendance software known as MinuteHound.

Many businesses face challenges in properly tracking employee time. When a business uses time sheets or time cards, there is a great deal of paperwork to go through every time payroll is processed. With MinuteHound’s simple attendance software solution, your days of tracking down timesheets and sorting out misplaced filing are over. You’ll never again have to search through piles of time cards. Instead, this fingerprint-based biometric simple attendance software will allow you to download full and complete time and attendance information.

Simple Attendance Software is Plug and Play

When your business doesn’t track time at all or if you use a traditional time clock, you could be at risk of time card fraud. It’s easy for someone to punch in on another employee’s behalf, known as “buddy punching.” You could also face other kinds of dishonesty or fraud. The simple attendance software of MinuteHound eliminates this problem. It uses biometric fingerprint technology for clocking in and clocking out. This means that every use of the simple attendance software is tracked to a unique individual. No longer will you worry about dishonesty!

Simple Attendance SoftwareSome software solutions are extremely complicated. They require special training sessions or difficult procedures. MinuteHound is a simple attendance software solution that can be installed in minutes. You don’t have to be an IT expert to install and use this simple attendance software. Any business owner can attach the scanner to any office computer and you’ll be ready to start tracking time in minutes. This simple attendance software also provides a wide array of benefits. You can access live reporting from anywhere in the world and even receive an email or text message alert in case of a late employee.

MinuteHound is also easy to use for your employees. Employees arrive at work, put their fingers on the scanner, and they’re ready to go to work within seconds. There is no need to waste time fiddling with time clocks, time cards, or time sheets!

Simple Attendance Software for All Employee Time Tracking Needs

You’ll also find that MinuteHound cuts costs while making your office more “green” and less wasteful. There’s no inventory required to use this simple attendance software. It costs most businesses only pennies a day! You won’t need stacks of filing cabinets and vertical files to store payroll and time tracking documents. Instead, you’ll have a secure, cloud-based, digital solution that provides complete time tracking information.

You can test the many advantages of MinuteHound’s simple attendance software for yourself. There are no obligations and MinuteHound offers great round-the-clock support. Find out how this simple attendance solution works for your business!

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