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Bird’s-Eye View of Biometrics

In the fast-paced corporate world, who has the time to manually check time cards? Regardless of its size, successful businesses are those that run efficiently in every aspect. Traditional attendance verification methods that did the job before simply aren’t precise enough to keep up with today’s modern businesses practices. If your time management system consists of paper time sheets, punch cards and a stationary time clock, it’s time to step into the future and whip your team into shape.

Why does it seem like no matter how you cut corners, you are still falling short of your financial goals? Outdated timekeeping strategies are the equivalent of throwing your money in the trash. ID badges, PIN codes and that huge stack of paper time cards on your desk are all surefire ways to lose money. All of these things add up quick and can serious hurt a growing company. With MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock software, you will save money, time and probably your sanity!

What are Biometrics
Biometrics has put a high-tech spin on the way we do business. By using unique physical attributes for recognition purposes, fingerprint time clock software is becoming the norm worldwide. With biometric templates, personal information cannot be recreated or stolen. Even though biometric systems have been around for years, modern-day advances combined with huge reductions in cost, have now made biometric fingerprint time clock software affordable for small businesses and major corporations alike.

It’s estimated that American companies lose approximately $150 billion dollars every year due inaccurate time management and attendance strategies. The payroll process is one of the most intricate parts of a business, and maintaining accurate records is a must. Regardless of the services you provide, having the most current technology is needed in order to save money.

Plug and Play Biometric Attendance SystemMinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock software reduces costs across the board. It all starts with the fingerprint scanner system. Since employees are verified through their fingerprints, buddy punching is impossible. And when you eliminate buddy punching, you are also eliminating time theft and payroll fraud. In addition, since MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock software requires no paper products or other time-tracking gadgets, you save money with each and every touch of your employees’ fingers.

MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock software offers you a wide variety of features. For example, it’s possible to set up customized alerts via email or text messaging, all based upon your specific needs. In addition, you can rest assured that all personal information stays private when safely stored with 128-bit encryption. Your employees’ personal information will never be visible to anyone except those with administrative access. MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock software is easy to install. It requires no additional training or technical expertise. After downloading the software and registering the scanner, all you need to do is enroll your employees. It’s that simple! With all of the things on your to-do list, attendance verification shouldn’t be one of them. Let MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock software lighten the workload!

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