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The Benefits of Installing a Fingerprint Time Recorder

Workplace time theft occurs when an employee dishonestly charges a company for more hours than he works. This theft costs businesses millions of dollars each year. To avoid time card fraud, many companies put costly policies in place. They require managers to check each time card as employees clock in and out. Companies also require managers to do constant walk-throughs. This extra work keeps managers from finishing their other tasks on time. Other companies install pricey camera systems to keep an eye on employees as they leave and enter the work area. A better option is the fingerprint time recorder. It is less costly and easier to install than cameras. In addition, it does not require constant oversight by managers.

The fingerprint time recorder uses patented fingerprinting technology to ensure employees punch in and out correctly. An employee punches in or out by allowing the fingerprint time recorder to scan his or her finger. The cloud database receives that information. Then, the time clock software allows employers to access the data remotely. In addition, the software sends employers an email when a worker punches in too late or punches out too early. In addition, companies have around the clock access to all their employee fingerprint time recorder data. This ensures employees never engage in time card fraud regardless of the shift they are working.

There are other benefits to using a fingerprint time recorder. First, it is cost-effective. Since it is plug-and-play, there is no costly training. Second, there are no physical time cards. This reduces company supply costs and storage expenses. In addition, MinuteHound, using 128-bit encryption, keeps all electronic data safe. Therefore, companies don’t have to worry about data breaches. Another benefit is the reduction in company accounting costs. The fingerprint time recorder keeps track of employee hours electronically. This means the machine is constantly totaling each person’s hours. So, less money is spent on accounting tasks.

Fingerprint Time Recorder Offers Legal Benefits

Biometric ReaderThere are also legal benefits to installing the fingerprint time recorder. The Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to keep accurate records of employee hours. This is to ensure all employees receive proper wages for their labor.

For example, an employee might clock out for a break and forget to clock back in before returning to work. The employer can get into legal trouble for inaccurately recording the employee’s work hours. The cloud-based software that processes the data sent by the fingerprint time recorder provides up to date information to managers. This allows companies to comply with federal laws by ensuring employees clock in and out correctly.

The fingerprint time recorder benefits businesses of any size. It is less expensive than other forms of time card monitoring and helps employers adhere to federal labor laws. Finally, it’s worth any company’s time to try out, because MinuteHound offers a risk-free, money-back guarantee.

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