Easy to Use Biometric Fingerprint Reader Software: Simple Install

Biometric Fingerprint Reader Software – A Futuristic Vision

You wake up, readying yourself for work. Commuting in, you rehearse the presentation you have worked on all week. Strolling in to the sleek entrance you press your hand to the check-in station effortlessly. It instantly recognizes you. With your arrival logged, your credits automatically start accumulating. It’s payday and your check is automatically calculated. No waiting for payroll to add up numbers. You move on marveling how times have changed.

This may sound like a science fiction scene, but it isn’t. This technology is being used all around the world. With biometric fingerprint reader software like MinuteHound, this technology is transforming workplaces. It began with log books. Soon punch cards took over. As electronics improved pin codes were used. Badges with RFID chips soon followed. The next progression is biometric fingerprint reader software. This software connects scanners to a central database. In the case of the biometric fingerprint reader software by MinuteHound, this database is stored in the cloud securely. With worldwide instant access, managing accounts is easy. The benefits don’t stop with convenience.

Biometric fingerprint reader software is accurate. It logs arrivals and departures the moment they happen. This speed allows for real-time staffing decisions. Staffing by need greatly improves efficiency. Unlike cards and pins, biometric fingerprint reader software prevents buddy clocking. No more cheating. No more inaccurate records. Wages can also be automatically generated. This saves a great deal of time.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader Software: 100% Safe, Secure, and Simple to Use

Every business owner worries about security. The cloud can seem like an ominous place. However, with MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint reader software all data is safe. It uses advanced encryption to ensure security. All this power also comes with flexibility.

Mistakes happen. People forget to check in. Double scans are inevitable. We are all quite human. That is why this biometric fingerprint reader software gives you the control you need. Manual adjustments are still easy. Authorized personnel can add entries or change times. It is as easy as logging in and clicking. Do you need to export records to your existing software? With export formats like Excel, PDF, ASCII and others, it’s easy. You pick what works for you.

Time and Attendance Systems 128-Bit EncryptionDo you have multiple companies working in the same space? With MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint reader software that is no problem. Multiple companies can easily manage numerous locations with a single teriman. A scanner at each location is all it takes.

A system like this sounds expensive. Just the phrase biometric fingerprint reader software sounds costly. Surprisingly, this solution is very affordable. It often saves companies money. Both low equipment cost and efficiency make this possible. A simple USB scanner is all that is required. An existing computer may even be used. An easy connection to MinuteHound’s services and you are ready to go. Try this with other timecard solutions. Contact MinuteHound today. Save money and time while embracing the future.

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