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Holiday Gifts For Employees: Say Thank You All Year Long!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! These words signify it’s the holiday season, and your staff have been working hard all year. Through employee recognition, you always let your staff know that you value their efforts and contributions. However, this time of year rewards and gifts for employees should be more than just kind words. There should be action taken to show your workforce how important they are, and that you value their honesty and loyalty.

Now, when you consider the employee recognition processes, you need to setup a system that applies to all staff and won’t fade away. Staff should do the right thing all the time, not just some. You need to develop a system that is equally powerful for both the business and the employee. Welcome to biometrics and MinuteHound, where the gifts for employees last all year long!

Now, gifts for employees come in all shapes and sizes, but a true reward is one that will last for a long time. Speaking of time, do you have any idea how much money your business has lost this year due to time theft and buddy punching? According to the American Payroll Association, buddy punching and schedule exceptions costs the average business 5% of total payroll. That adds up to approximately $148 billion dollars every year, all from employees who abuse the system and take advantage of old outdated time and attendance methods.

But what about the good ones? How about your loyal and hard working employees who show up on time and don’t leave early? What employee gifts do they ever receive? They see their co-workers arrive late but still get paid. Eventually, even the best employees will abuse the system. You as an employer need to take action to stop bad habits. Although time theft plagues every business, it is the easiest problem to fix. Christmas and Hanukkah only happen once per year, however, buddy punching happens every day. The time to stop it is now.

Christmas Employee Gifts For Employees Who Truly Deserve A Reward

Gifts For Employees From MinuteHound!Gifts for employees can be delivered all year long, not just during the holiday’s. Your honest employees grow tired of watching their co-workers break the rules with no consequences. Employee gifts can be as simple as correcting what’s already wrong. The time and attendance system in your workplace is costing you way too much money. Pens, paper, pins, and passwords can all be shared at work, fingerprints cannot. This is where MinuteHound comes in. Biometrics means your staff has to verify their attendance before recording their time. This way, everyone is kept honest. No more cheating and no more time theft. Gifts for employees that benefit them, as well as the business itself!

Employee gifts don’t always have to be a bonus or present, it can be change. Biometrics is the spark your company needs to completely change the way you manage your business. So how does MinuteHound work exactly? Great question! It’s very simple, all you need to do is setup an account with MinuteHound, and a fingerprint time clock is mailed to you. The fingerprint time clock is the scanner, which is how your employees will clock-in and out of work everyday. The scanner is $99.95. You pay that fee once and never again. It is also backed for life, so if you ever cancel you can send it back for a refund! Gifts for employees is great, but having a money back guarantee on employee gifts is even better!

Employee Recognition Means Gifts For Employees Who Perform Everyday

Employee Recognition Through Reward and MotivationGreat job Dave! Terrific sale Susan! Although a pat on the back is nice, motivation means action. MinuteHound is the action managers need to reward their employees for the little things. Showing up on time and reliability are key traits you want in all your workers, so why not reward them for it? Your gifts for employees this year do not have to be a party or a fancy hat, it can be policy. If you attach recognition to real accomplishments, it builds morale and gives your staff real goals to achieve. In this sense, the best gifts for employees can be a foolproof system that lets managers and supervisors know, in real time, the activity of all employees.

Gifts for employees also benefit management. Now, all staff will be able to log-in from anywhere and view their own hours. MinuteHound is also green and paperless. Instead of printing reports, send them! You can download and export reports at any time you wish. Buddy punching is eliminated, which means your honest employees no longer have to watch everyone else arrive late. MinuteHound is so advanced, you can setup your account to send you, your managers, and/or the employee a text and email alert if they ever show up late or leave early. Employee gifts from MinuteHound come in the form of 24/7 access, biometric time keeping, live technical support, and so much more!

Gifts for employees this holiday season begin with a fingerprint!

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