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What is A Payroll Web Clock?

A payroll web clock is pretty much what it says — a time clock for your employees to use so that payroll can be done quickly and effectively. No more human error involved and most importantly, no more time theft and employee fraud. Even good employees don’t short change themselves. When employees are forced to be held accountable they by nature start showing up on time, don’t take extended breaks, and leave on time, not early. The payroll time clock cuts out slack and boosts savings from the very first payroll.

All that needs to be done is register your employees with MinuteHound and assign them a password. Employees can then login from any mobile device or PC/Mac to record their time. Employers will be able to view/edit/print all timesheets from every employee at all locations. The beauty of the payroll time clock is that each time an employee punches in, the IP address is listed. This way you can track them and know where they are compared to just hoping there at work. The payroll web clock as you covered!

How Much Does The Payroll Web Clock Cost?

How does $1.00 per employee sound! And that is per month not per day. If you have 20 employees or less it is just $19.95 per month for every feature we have. If you have more than 20, then it is simple math. But the payroll web clock can handle as many employees as you have. Just about every human being has a mobile device, which they can use to record their time. If not, any PC at the workplace works just fine.

Spend a little bit to save big time with MinuteHound’s payroll web clock. Not only in dollars and cents, but in time. All calculations are already done for you, nothing to count anymore or second guessing hand-writing. Plus a huge plus to the payroll web clock is all records are kept securely on encrypted servers for years. If you ever need to pull old time cards, go ahead!

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