Biometric Employee Time Clock for the Workplace

Employee Time Clock – Biometrics Win!

Saving time and money is the priority of every business owner and manager in the world. Cut down costs + improve efficiency = job well done. But how? How can someone increase productivity while decreasing spending? The answer is technology; more specifically biometric technology. Employees don’t work for free. Local, state, and federal law requires time worked is recorded and accurately rewarded. The old days of writing down time and hoping everyone stays honest are long gone. A biometric employee time clock is the answer for today’s workplace and tomorrow.

The way a biometric employee time clock works is simple: employees arrive/leave work and record their time by pressing their finger to a scanner. That’s it. Simple, safe, and secure. From a manager’s standpoint you can login to any computer/tablet/smartphone and track your employees, run reports, make corrections, track holidays and sick time, and so much more. MinuteHound’s employee time clock is in place for fortune 100 companies and small businesses around the globe. Our secret recipe is simplicity and results. If a company does not know how to use our product and/or does not believe it delivers results, no one uses it! MinuteHound is growing rapidly for the fact is, our product is simple to use and delivers the results business owners want and need.

MinuteHound’s Employee Time Clock – Paperless and Powerful!

Another reason companies love our employee time clock is because it requires no printers! Employee reports are digital and available online to view anytime. You can print them if you want, or just send the link to your employee. Better yet, save even more time and just let your employee login to view his/her timesheet. MinuteHound’s employee time clock is cloud based – meaning nothing is stored or saved locally on your machine. It is all available online. There is no reason to print up reports and save in a box or file cabinet. Clean technology that delivers results!

The biometric employee time clock is guaranteed to save money, or you can cancel and get your money back! Each scanner comes with a lifetime guarantee, so whether you use the scanner for 2 months or 20 years, whenever you decide to move on we will refund you the scanner price! We even pay for return shipping. There are no obligations or commitments required. You either love the system and use it or dislike it and cancel. Plain and simple. Try the employee time clock today and start saving money!

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