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Turn any computer into a biometric time clock! By simply plugging in the USB time clock employees will use the device in order to verify attendance and record their time. There are many benefits by using a USB time clock. Right from the start all forms of cheating are over. Friends at work cannot share fingerprints. The only way employees can record their time is by being physically present. No way to fudge numbers. The USB time clock holds all employees accountable for their actions.

After setting up an account with MinuteHound, the USB time clock is mailed out. Within 2-3 days the device will arrive. It is the size of a computer mouse and also has the highest read rate in the industry. The USB time clock is plug and play, and installation is quick and easy. In under 10 minutes the installation will be complete. Employees get registered just once. The USB time clock is effective and proven to work. It is also backed for life. So if anything goes wrong or you decide to cancel, simply return the USB time clock for your money back!

The USB Time Clock Advantage

Once the USB time clock is installed and in use, all reports are guaranteed to be accurate. Payroll will become a breeze and stress free. On average companies save between 2-8% off their payroll costs. From any internet connection in the world, managers can log-in and check their reports. Even employees can log-in to view their digital time card. Employees cannot change anything, and only view their individual time card. The USB time clock is the physical device, while the MinuteHound portal is virtual. Reporting and checking in on employees can be done from anywhere.

USB Time Clock- Biometric Tools for Success!In addition, the USB time clock acts as a 24/7 on call manager. If employees don’t show up to work, arrive early or late, or try to leave before their shift is over MinuteHound will alert management. A text and/or email alert is sent if any employee deviates from the assigned schedule. The MinuteHound system is a full solution, covering both the physical aspect of recording time, to the actual reporting.

Additional Features of The USB Time Clock

The USB time clock requires no IT skills to use, and no training is required. The USB time clock is super user friendly and employees and managers alike will have no problem using it. If for any reason assistance is needed, the best part of MinuteHound is the dedicated team behind it. Any and all questions are a phone call away at all times. Lifetime updates are also include in the very low monthly fee. Over 150,000 users clock-in and out using the USB time clock. Upgrade management today, save more money, and use technology to your advantage!

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Biometric Cloud Timekeeping SystemNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound USB Time Clock.

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