How a Web Based Timeclock Increases Efficiency for Businesses

What Is A Web Based Timeclock

Quality use of time and productivity are basic ideas for any business. Workers are assets of many job sites. Keeping time records and duties are required parts of any industry. A web based timeclock offers businesses a few big advantages. Workers trade time for money. So simply knowing who is on the clock gives owners and managers needed information. That information can be put to use in a number of ways. Using that data can shape a company.

Passive Monitoring
Keeping time and attendance is a never ending part of any human resources job. With a web based timeclock, businesses are able to track punch times of every worker at the site. Those times are presented in an easy to read report. Colored indicators highlight trouble spots. In addition, a web based timeclock from MinuteHound allows a business to see where the employee scanned in from. Owners and managers the ability to know who is actually at the business at any given time. Plus, a web based timeclock prevents buddy punching, which saves money.

A web based timeclock from MinuteHound requires little in the way of desk space and software. Companies can reap the rewards of a time and payroll management system that is easy to use. The cloud based nature of the system allows employees to punch in from any device. Administrators are able to monitor a web based timeclock from any Internet connected location as well. Scheduling becomes easier. Assigning duties becomes a snap. In short, convenience is gained in every job at the site through easy access. Access and variety are the keys.

Security, Convenience and Savings

Fingerprint Time Attendance Software, time to move!Security is one of the most buzzed about topics in the business world. MinuteHound provides a web based timeclock that uses a biometric fingerprint scanner. This way companies can be certain the actual worker is the one punching the clock. To provide the employee privacy and security the fingerprint is fragmented, encrypted, and stored in four locations. In addition, every piece of data on the web based timeclock is passed through 128-bit encryption to protect everyone. Security is top of the line with MinuteHound systems.

In the end, efficiency is gained in many ways. Through a web based timeclock security becomes increased and convenience is raised. Passive monitoring grants administrators easy oversight. Every worker is given a powerful job tool. Businesses are only as good as the pieces involved. MinuteHound presents a solution to payroll problems. Elevating the performance and driving the gains of a workforce are two of the most important factors in driving gains at any job site. Companies that use technology to provide an easy to use system can increase performance. Plus, the business will save money at the same time. Both are important to every company.

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