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Companies face many different challenges when it comes to employee management. Keeping accurate attendance records and completing payroll on time are two of the key factors that keep a business working efficiently. And even though the world has evolved into a technologically savvy place, there are companies that are still using paper time sheets. This, in turn, can cause major headaches for those responsible for completing payroll.

Installation of a web clock in system is essential to accurately account for employees is a must in today’s busy world. When business owners implement a web clock in their payroll system, they literally cut the time spent on doing payroll in half! No more chasing employees in a feeble attempt to verify their paper time cards. When business owners use MinuteHound’s web clock in for their company, not only does it speed up attendance verification, but it also allows them to monitor productivity of their employees.

What the MinuteHound Web Clock IN System Does

A MinuteHound biometric web clock in the workplace is a foolproof way of logging the hours employees are actually working. They are able to log in from any computer within the workplace with a swipe of their finger. Web clocks in the corporate world, healthcare industry and even in school systems are effective resources for attendance verification. The time once devoted to verifying the accuracy of paper records can be spent on other important activities. Having to manually monitor employees attendance and then calculate their wages is tedious and time consuming.

Biometric Time Attendance MachineA MinuteHound biometric web clock in also provides that extra piece of mind both supervisors and employees want. Private information such as social security numbers and home addresses don’t belong written on a piece of paper. Unfortunately, identity theft does happen, so safely storing personal information in an encrypted cloud is the best route to follow. MinuteHound never stores prints! No matter what, prints will never be compromised.

Fast and Efficient
Both big and small business can benefit from a web clock in the workplace. Unless there is only one person in the entire business, accurate record keeping is needed to keep things running smoothly. As a company begins to grow, the addition of new employees should be an incentive to implement a web clock in a payroll system.

MinuteHound’s biometric web clock in a corporation’s management strategy also helps to foster productivity. Employees work to get paid. If they are logging out 10 or 15 minutes early just to punch out on time, it’s a problem. That equates to hundreds of dollars paid out for work that wasn’t even completed! Without a web clock in place, how can anyone verify? Running a corporation is hard work. With MinuteHound’s time tracking system, payroll abuse, time theft and the possibility of human error simply doesn’t exist.

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