How Biometric Timeclocks Can Help Your Small Business

How Biometric Timeclocks Can Help Your Business

Cody and Josh were good friends before they started working for your company. In fact, Cody was the one who recommended Josh to you to fill the opening you had a couple months ago. Everything seemed to be going fine at first glance. You checked the time sheets, and both of them were clocking in on time for all of their shifts, and both of them were always working hard when you saw them.

Then, one of your supervisors began to notice that she never saw Cody at his post within the first fifteen minutes of his shift. How was that possible if he was clocked in on time every single day?

When you went back to your cameras you instantly find out what was happening. When Josh got to work, he clocked in like normal. After he finished clocking in, he would then start the process over again to clock Cody in, even though Cody wasn’t anywhere to be seen. What these employees were engaging in is known as buddy punching. This scam is a common occurrence in the workplace, and the goal for MinuteHound’s Biometric Timeclocks to eliminate the waste that employers experience due these types of issues.

What are Biometric Timeclocks?
Biometric Timeclocks make use of modern technology to ensure that only one person has the ability to clock in under a certain identification number. Employees place their finger on a scanner that recognizes the fingerprints to allow the employee to continue on in the clock in/out process.

Biometric Timeclocks then send this information into a secure cloud network that administrators can view from anywhere in the world. This allows supervisors to check in on their employees on a regular basis to eliminate things like:

■ Buddy punching
■ Time card errors
■ Time clock manipulation
■ Unapproved overtime

These problems are a major reason why employers are losing money, and the problem can be solved by using Biometric Timeclocks in the workplace.

MinuteHound Fingerprint Time ClockAt workplaces around the world, some employees are engaging in scams like buddy punching that cheat employers out of money. Traditional time clocks do not catch these scams and other errors, but Biometric Timeclocks catch these issues by using innovative technology that requires employees to place their finger on a scanner.

Biometric Timeclocks translate these prints to an binary pattern, and then they send the data to a secure cloud network that supervisor can view from anywhere in the world. When employers choose to use Biometric Timeclocks, they save the money that they were previously losing due to errors in the clock in/out process.

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