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Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while, and the small businesses in America truly need help as they are the backbone of the economy. The payroll web clock fills the need to track employee time and attendance. No more overpaying, underpaying, or arguing over mistakes. MinuteHound tracks each individual employee through biometrics and through an online interface. MinuteHound supplies a small fingerprint scanner which allows employees to show up, swipe, and get to work. Takes seconds to complete. With biometrics, payroll reports are 100% accurate as no other way for employees to record time except for showing up and punching.

The payroll web clock works by simply allowing employees to record their time via browser. They can log from any PC, smartphone, tablet or any device. This gives them 24/7 access and 0 excuses. In addition, the payroll web clock attaches their IP address so you will know not only when, but where they clocked in. Between biometrics and the web clock, small business owners have the tools they need to accurately pay each and every employee with extreme accuracy. Save money and boost savings. The payroll web clock allows the business owner to focus on business, not spending hours and constant headaches fixing and correct timesheets. For the very low price of $1.00 per employee per month, MinuteHound is an easy decision.

The Payroll Web Clock Saves and Boosts

MinuteHound also makes it easy to manage multiple locations. From any internet connected device, you can track employee movement and see their hours. All reports are calculated and reports can be generated at anytime. Print, save, import, export or do a combination with your reports. The payroll web clock never takes a day off and is always accessible. Even employees have minimal access to view their digital time card. This puts more self-awareness on them and gives them incentive to keep clocking in and out to get paid. Start using MinuteHound today and start saving!

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