How Do I Stop My Employees From Stealing Time?

Advanced time clock makes it almost impossible for employees to steal time

As children, we have all heard the saying that time is money. As we have grown into adults, we all sooner or later learn how very true that saying is. Even though we all value our time, there is a particular group of people that not only value their time, but they also have to monitor other people’s time and make sure that those people are not stealing time.

Companies have always had to keep accurate records of the hours that their employees work so that they can pay them accordingly. Two of the most common methods that companies have used in the past have been sign in sheets and time clocks. If all employees were honest and never thought about stealing time, both of these methods would work perfectly. Unfortunately, there are dishonest people in the world, and stealing time is something that they wont think twice about doing. With a time sheet, regardless of the time an employee shows up to work, they can easily write in an inaccurate time. A time clock, though more advanced than a simple time sheet, can also be manipulated with buddy punching. If a person is going to be late to work, all they have to do is call up their buddy and tell them to clock them in. This kind of dishonesty has cost companies billions of dollars throughout the years.

How Stealing Time is A Complex Problem That Is Easily Solved

Stop Employees From Stealing Time at Work!Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, companies no longer have to put up with dishonest employees stealing time. The MinuteHound time clock is an advanced biometric time clock that cannot be manipulated. When an employee begins their shift, or clocks out of work, they will have to place their finger on a small device. The employee’s finger fits perfectly on the device and will read their fingerprint. Employees with the bad habit of stealing time will no longer be able to do so. Even though the small device will be connected to a computer, all an employee will need to see and have access to in order to clock in and out is the small device.

With MinuteHound, all data is stored in the cloud. Business owners, management, supervisors and any other authorized personnel will be able to monitor attendance and access reports from anywhere. There will never have to be any worries about an employee stealing time. No special knowledge is needed to use the MinutHound time clock. The software can easily be installed on any PC, and the rest is self explanatory. There is no need for any computer geniuses. The MinuteHound time clock comes at a very affordable price and will pay for itself in no time. Companies across the globe have always had the problem of employee’s stealing time. Fortunately, a business solution has been found for this problem and will save companies billions of dollars.

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