Can I Be Alerted If My Employee Never Shows Up For Work?

Minutehound Alerts: Can I Be Alerted If My Employee Never Shows Up For Work?

Running a business of any sort is always complicated. This is especially so if you employ a large amount of people, since it can get difficult to keep track of everyone. Many companies use antiquated systems of employee timetables, with cards you have to swipe and other simple options that can be easy to manipulate. This is where technology like Minutehound Alerts can come in handy. We will take a closer look at how this system is the best for a growing company.

How It Works
Minutehound Alerts works by using biometrics, which is impossible to falsify. This means there will be no more employees getting someone else to swipe their time card for them, saving you money. Minutehound Alerts also send you alerts if your employee has left early or arrives late, so that you are always apprised of what is happening in your business, even if you are out of town. Biometrics have been proven to be the option that can most prevent employees missing work or getting someone else to sign them in, so considering this for your company is essential.

Extra Features
Minutehound Alerts also provides a number of other features that can make a huge difference in how efficiently your business runs. There are cloud based options that require no scanners, and these ensure none of your employees are taking advantage of this by recording the IP addresses of where employees are signing in from. No matter what laptop or device they use, you can be sure Minutehound Alerts will monitor it so that you know the work is getting done. With around the clock tech support available, you do not have to worry about anything while using this tool.

Minutehound Alerts will work to protect you and your business from being robbed of productive minutes. With biometrics and alerts, you never have to worry about an employee signing in as anyone else. Not only will this keep the company running at an efficient pace, but it will also keep your employees motivated. This kind of technology is exactly what you need for a growing business. With Minutehound Alerts on your side, you can take a vacation, knowing someone is monitoring it at all tines.

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