How Does Facial Recognition Time and Attendance Work?

Facial recognition is actually pretty common in 2020. Just about every smart device these days has either fingerprint or facial recognition. You can unlock your phone or tablet either by pressing your finger to it, or letting it quickly scan your face. It works the same way for companies tracking employee time and attendance. Gone are the days of just letting them sign in on a piece of paper. Super easy and simple for them to just cheat and mark down whatever time they wanted. With MinuteHound, they only get paid from when they actually show up until the moment they leave. No buddy punching. No time theft. Just pure and simple reports that never allow for overpaying.

Facial recognition allows for employees to just show up to work, clock in, then off to work they can go. This happens with any device. They clock in and out with their face, not a pen or a badge. This means no one else can do it for them. Buddy punching is absolutely eliminated. No more “hey man, can you cover for me tonight” or “Hey Susan, I’m running late can you punch me in I will give you my PIN number”. That is gone. Facial recognition is as straightforward as it sounds. Employees basically have facial points recognized unique to them, and no one else can do it for them. No hardware needed (except a camera which nowadays pretty much every device has). So your phone, the employee phone, tablet, PC, whatever you have on site will work!

Facial Recognition Means Mobility and Flexibility
Now that every device can be used as a timeclock, this means mobile is built in. So if you have roving crews, multiple employees on multiple sites, recording their time accurately is now easy to do. You can track there whereabouts, manage time worked per site, run reports from anywhere, etc. MinuteHound makes it easy. All reports and edits can be down from any web browser on the planet. Run your business more efficiently with facial recognition time and attendance from MinuteHound!

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