Time and Attendance Efficiency In The Retail Industry

How To Boost Productivity While Decreasing Expenses in Retail

Having sales, promotions, and door busters are great for retail. These companies make their money by selling right? While that is true, there is another way to post larger profits and it has nothing to do with fads or gimmicks. It is looking at and evaluating in-house and cutting costs, not corners. MinuteHound’s time and attendance system instantly and automatically keeps employees honest. This means no more friends at work covering for each other and filling out timesheets for one another. No more sharing pins and passwords, punch cards, or just leaving early thinking no one will know. MinuteHound’s time and attendance system cuts out all form of theft and fraud from the very first day of deployment.

This modern time and attendance system does not rely on employees to be honest and upstanding employees. This system treats everyone the same by having them record their time by first verifying their identity. Very similar if not exactly to what everyone is used to when they lock their phone or tablet. They have to place their fingerprint down to unlock or via facial recognition. This is much safer and way more secure then entering in a password. This technology is now used for time and attendance. Employees show up, they press their finger down, get identified and start recording their time. This is the same for breaks and exits. Every minute is accounted for and never again will payroll be wrong. They will only get paid for what they actually worked, not what they claimed they work.

Does This Time and Attendance Have Useful Features?

This time and attendance system uses biometrics to record worked hours, but also offers a bevy of features to managers and business owners. The entire system is cloud based. This means management can login, from anywhere at anytime, and check hours and staffing. They can also edit reports from any web browser, download and print or simply export the files to payroll. Modern technology for the modern world. In retail, this is crucial. You can visually check real time stats to ensure you have enough staff, need to call someone, or send someone home depending on your needs. This system is perfect for this space and already in use around the globe. It is time for MinuteHound!

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