Time and Attendance Facial Recognition Rings In 2020!

Ring in 2020 with Time and Attendance Facial Recognition One of the resolutions you should have made when 2019 became 2020 was to reduce the amount of time theft in your organization. Face it, tardiness and absenteeism are two of the main causes of decreased productivity in the business world. Not only because those employees aren’t there to handle important tasks. It’s also because the confidence of their co-workers is reduced.

One of the main ways to correct this is to enhance your time and attendance technology. That means getting rid of paper time cards and focusing on biometrics. One of the more recent advances is facial recognition. Here are a few reasons why this new recording element can help reduce the amount of time stolen from your business.

1. It’s more accurate than fingerprint scanning

Although fingerprint biometrics remain highly accurate, there are some cases where clocking in via fingerprint can be a problem. Furthermore, if the employee doesn’t remember their which finger, or tries to play “dumb” and not remember how to do it, fingerprint clocking can be less than perfect.

Facial recognition technology helps with this. In fact, if the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work, it can be used as a secondary way to establish a worker’s hours rather than using offline record-keeping.

2. Employees can’t fake their face
Facial recognition technology is more sophisticated then what was seen in science fiction movies of the past. Showing a photo of the employee’s face to the camera does not work. Most likely, it will report potential fraud.

To be recorded, facial recognition software needs to see your real features. In addition, they should be as close as possible to the original image. Changes due to a beard or other facial hair, scars, or other oddities can be corrected with a new image. Thus, should an employee grow a mustache or beard, make sure a new image is taken of them so the facial recognition software can properly register the information.

3. It allows for recognition by management
In businesses with hundreds of employees, it can be hard for managers to know all of their workers. Facial recognition technology makes this a little easier. Through a cloud-based dashboard, the management team can link the employee’s name and ID along with other information. Therefore, when they want to praise them or discuss their lateness/absenteeism, they know who to speak with.

Overall, facial recognition technology should be a part of any time and attendance upgrade you implement in 2020. By doing this sooner than later, you’ll reduce time theft and increase productivity for a successful start of a new decade.

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