How To Stop Employees From Buddy Punching At Work?

Buddy Punching? – “Nip It In The Bud” – Permanently.
Buddy Punching is when one employee falsely clocks in or out for a co-worker. According to a 2017 research study, buddy punching could be costing U.S. employers almost $400 million per annum. It is a form of theft, but all too often it goes unnoticed and unpunished.

If your company was suffering even a fraction of that kind of loss annually, wouldn’t you find a way to stop it? There are ways to eradicate practices like buddy punching and they don’t have to be complicated with days of installation, learning curves or training. Why not consider a “plug and play” solution?

Such a solution is The MinuteHound™ Time Clock System, using biometric fingerprint technology. Once the fingerprint scanner is connected to a computer with an internet connection, it is transformed into a clock-in terminal.

How Does MinuteHound Eliminate Buddy Punching?
The computer doesn’t have to be used as a dedicated terminal, as the scanner can be up to 54 feet away connected by USB cables. The software runs seamlessly in the background allowing the computer to be used for other things.

Once the time clock is installed and the employees enrolled, the MinuteHound™ is ready to be used. The technology is “state of the art” and is “cloud-based”, so information is available 24/7 to business owners and managers from any computer with an internet connection.

Clocking in and out is a simple matter of the employees placing a finger on the scanner. Using patented processes the fingerprints are encrypted and then fragmented to 4 different secure servers, protecting the individual’s privacy.

Nothing To Forget. Buddy Punching Is A Thing of The Past!
Employees don’t have passwords to remember, no need to carry badges with them or enter a PIN to clock in or out. All they need is their finger or thumb and the job is done. No more cheating or having a friend cover for them. Employees are kept honest and business owners will no longer have to suffer the problem of losing money due to time theft. The system can be setup up to send email alerts if an employee is late arriving or leaves early from their shift.

With live, friendly, round the clock support, lifetime updates, and a lifetime money-back guarantee on the scanner, how can you go wrong? Contact MinuteHound™ today and start saving money.

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