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It’s been said that the human brain is the most powerful computer in existence. Even so, it’s capable of making its share of mistakes. In the business world, perhaps more than anywhere else, those mistakes can be costly for both large and small companies. This is why the HR management system was introduced: it might seem strange to relegate human resources (emphasis on “human”) to a suite of software, but the benefits can be extraordinary.

What Is an HR Management System?
Quite simply, an HR management system is software that can greatly help a business manage its most important assets: its employees. An HR management system can help track hours, keep track of employee vacations, and much more. It’s a truly elegant solution for the many companies that still rely on aging computer systems or stacks of punch cards.

How Does MinuteHound Do Things Differently?
We are proud to be acknowledged as a leader in the HR management system field. The MinuteHound solution is simple: by streamlining the lives of both the employees and the managers, the workforce as a whole can see a host of benefits, not the least of which are improved morale and better productivity.

So What Is It, Exactly?
The MinuteHound HR management system is powered by our biometric time clock, which effortlessly tracks employees as they clock in and out. The biometric feature allows fast and easy use thanks to its fingerprint scanner. Once your employees punch in, their hours are tracked by our powerful software, which can also detect and automatically alert you to any shift deviations.

An integral feature of the MinuteHound system is its use of cloud technology. The data collected by our time clock is stored remotely on our servers, ensuring that it’s kept safe should anything happen to your physical infrastructure. For those concerned about the security of such an arrangement, rest assured that we use 128-bit encryption to keep prying eyes at bay.

A Comprehensive Solution
Internet Based Time TrackingIf all of this sounds like it would be difficult to learn, know that nothing could be further from the truth. The MinuteHound system can become a part of daily life in your workplace with very little effort. With no learning curve, a very low upfront cost, and an affordable monthly cost after that, you’ll begin to see great returns on your investment, as well as an improved bottom line, in no time at all.

If your HR management system is out of date or you’re just looking for a fresh way to streamline the management process, we believe that MinuteHound is the answer you’re looking for. We pride ourselves on offering not just a world-class HR management system, but also the most hassle-free service experience you could hope for.

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