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Avoid the Expense of Time Clock Ribbons With a Smart Upgrade

There are many expenses associated with using a traditional time clock machine to track employees’ attendance for their shifts. You must have some system in place to determine how many hours your hourly employees worked, and time clock machines do provide you with this basic service. However, they also require you to purchase supplies like time clock ribbons, to make repairs and even to experience expenses related to time clock manipulation and time theft. MinuteHound is a highly innovative solution that eliminates many of the expenses associated with the use of a time clock.

Beyond the Expense of Time Clock Ribbons
Before you pay for time clock ribbons and other supplies or repairs again, you should take a closer look at how MinuteHound can save you money. MinuteHound is a digital solution that enables your employees to sign in and out for a shift with a biometric scan of a fingerprint. This means that you do not need to purchase time clock ribbons or other supplies. Furthermore, all of the data from the time clock is stored in the cloud using patented technology. You will not need to pay for time cards or review the cards when processing payroll.

When You Avoid Time Clock Ribbons With MinuteHound
Image of fingerprint t&a systemThere are other benefits that you can enjoy when you avoid paying for time clock ribbons and make a switch to MinuteHound. For example, because the data is stored in the cloud, you will be able to access it from any location, and the system can even send you notifications and alerts. You may set alerts so that you and an employee are notified when someone fails to show up for a shift, or you may receive a notice when you have too many employees in the store. There are expenses that your company faces when these events occur, and MinuteHound can help you to avoid them altogether or to minimize them.

If the time has come for you to order more time clock ribbons for your machine, you may take a look at MinuteHound first. In addition to helping you avoid the regular expense associated with buying time clock ribbons and other supplies, this web-based time clock system can help you to save money in many other ways. Many companies have already experienced the benefits it provides, and you can sign up for a risk-free trial with a money-back guarantee. After you have spent some time learning more about the different features available in the MinuteHound solution, you will see why now is the perfect time to make a beneficial switch.

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