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Cut Costs with Inexpensive MinuteHound Time Clock Supplies

Managers looking for a way to stop misuse of the employee time clock system can turn to MinuteHound. This software allows managers to set up a biometric scanner so employees clock in with the press of a finger. It stops clocking in for fellow coworkers. It also tracks workers who come in later than claimed. MinuteHound’s minimal use of time clock supplies even helps save space, simplify set up, and cut costs.

Use MinuteHound to Save on Time Clock Supplies
According to the American Payroll Association (APA), MinuteHound reduces the average business’ payroll cost by two to eight percent. On top of this managers save even more money. Initial start up costs only include the biometric scanner, and a monthly service fee. The service even offers a one hundred percent money back guarantee on the scanner! If MinuteHound doesn’t work out, just return. MinuteHound will provide a full refund on the cost of the time clock supplies.

Traditional Time Clock Supplies VS. MinuteHound
A traditional time clock requires a time clock, time cards, racks, ribbons, and inks. Every month managers will have to purchase new time clock supplies just to ensure that they can track employee attendance. Other biometric time clocks cost a lot to purchase and don’t always come with corresponding software. MinuteHound only requires the use of an PC with internet connection, USB cable, and the biometric scanner. Managers won’t have to purchase new supplies later on. Unless they want to add MinuteHound to another location.

A Few Simple Time Clock Supplies
MinuteHound versus RFID Time ClockWhen starting up service, managers will order a biometric scanner. If desired, multiple scanners are available for one or several locations. The order comes with the USB cable. All that businesses need to provide are the internet connection and a personal computer. No dedicated server/PC is required. Just use any office computer.

MinuteHound runs quietly in the background without interfering with other software. No need to purchase new time clock supplies at all. So, businesses could potentially save even more on not needing to purchase a new computer for this time clock software.

Set Up MinuteHound and Save
Managers can cut recurring costs on supplies for other types of time clocks. Traditional time clocks require new time sheets, ink, and racks, and hardware to mount the clock. All the MinuteHound needs is a computer with internet access. When managers sign up for service, they also pay a one time fee for the biometric scanner. This scanner never needs new ink or time sheets. Managers can even install MinuteHound on a pre-existing office computer.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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Biometric Time and AttendanceNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Clock Supplies.

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