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What Is An Internet Time Clock- How it Works

Everyone knows what a time clock is, but not everyone knows how many different types of time clocks exist. Everything from a punch card, RFID card, face recognition and of course fingerprints. These are just the popular types, and the most common form of time and attendance is a simple sign-in sheet for employees to just write down their time. Every employer knows employees are not always honest, and they make mistakes. That is why an internet time clock is the preferred choice. By using an internet time clock, companies put technology to work for them and reduce costs while increasing savings.

Although an internet time clock can vary by design, MinuteHound has crafted a pure solution. By combining biometrics with internet technologies, employee reports are error free with no incorrect time. MinuteHound’s internet time clock starts with a fingerprint scanner, which is mailed right after creating an account. The scanner gets plugged into any computer and employees just swipe their finger or thumb. Its that easy, MinuteHound combines the time clock with the internet, hence the internet time clock. All time is recorded live, and available to view from any web browser in the world.

Internet Time Clock- Advanced | Easy to use Technology

Once employees scan their finger or thumb, that information is transferred using 128-bit encryption to servers. Then, by using any internet enabled device, managers can log-in and view their staff’s activity. The internet time clock is advanced, but rest assured easy to use. There is no training required, and everything from the installation to daily use is intuitive. Viewing, editing, and exporting reports are just clicks away at all times. The internet time clock covers all aspects of time and attendance for small – large organizations.

Turn Any PC Into A Internet Time ClockThe internet time clock also allows managers to shift more responsibility toward their staff. Employees will have access to view their digital time card at anytime. They can keep track of their own time instead of managers always being the ones to track them down. There is no paper required as the internet time clock is green. No more paper waste or paper supplies to purchase. Regardless of method your business uses now for time and attendance, the internet time clock will be an automatic and instant upgrade. MinuteHound means more savings and higher efficiency.

Cost and Fees of the Internet Time Clock

The internet time clock is affordable, easy to use, and guaranteed to work for life. The fingerprint scanner itself is $99.95. The scanner is easily installed on any computer with an internet connection. MinuteHound is a monthly fee, which costs $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. The internet time clock is a system that enables companies to reduce expenses, track employee activity, and save. Biometrics are proven to work, and now this low-cost system is available for any size business.

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