Is a Web Time Clock Cost Effective and Functional

How Does A Web Time Clock Work?

Finding a time clock that is both cost-effective and functional can be a challenge. Trying to balance finding a system at the right price point that fits your business’ needs might seem impossible. For many employers, there is often a tough decision to make between price point and functionality. One promising solution is a web time clock. But do they work?

The Importance of Timeclocks
Payroll is almost always one of the if not the most significant expense of a business. Time clocks are the tool business owners use to ensure the accuracy of their payroll. From the liability associated with underpaying employees to the prevalence of time theft your time clock is responsible for a lot. That’s why it is essential to find a time clock that works for you.

What is a Web Time Clock?
A web time clock is a time clock that operates using the internet. Web time clocks often do not require any physical time clock and allow employees to clock in through a web portal. These time clocks also store data online, meaning, that if your computer crashes your timesheet is safe.

Are Web Time Clocks Functional?
Time clocks are an integral part of most businesses. So it is important to wonder whether web time clocks really work. In concept, web time clocks are fantastic. They allow businesses to store all of their time sheets securely. Other than secure online storage, they operate just like conventional time clocks. However, in practice, some web time clocks do not work as advertised. If you are considering a web time clock for your business, it is essential to select a provider that has a proven track record and stands by their product.

Are Web Time Clocks Cost Effective?

Internet Based Time TrackingWhether a web time clock is cost-effective is dependent upon the time and attendance company you select. Many time and attendance companies overcharge for a subpar service while a select few deliver a great product at an even better price. MinuteHound is a part of that select few.

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MinuteHound offers both affordability and functionality. MinuteHound stands behind their product with top-of-class customer support, free trials, and consistent improvement. If you’re in the market for a web-based time and attendance solution, MinuteHound is for you!

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