Why A Biometric Time Clock is MUST HAVE for All Staffing Agencies

Each and Every Staffing Agency Needs a Modern Day Time Clock

New technology is great, but only if you can harness the technology to your advantage. What good is having and paying for something that you do not know how to use and pay too much money for. That is why MinuteHound made modern day technology easy. Biometrics are used by everyone on a daily basis. Whether it is to unlock your smartphone or gain entry to a building, biometric technology is used by both private and public entities in major ways. This is how MinuteHound designed and developed the biometric time clock; to be both easy to use and upmost effective for all situations. This biometric time clock does not allow for cheating, fraud, or any type of mistakes. It is perfect for staffing agencies and any office setting.

This is how technology is meant to be used! A biometric time clock is a small device that plugs into any PC or any Windows based tablet. Employees simply press their finger down, and off to work they go. No pins, passwords, ID cards, or anything else to remember or bring with them. Just their hand, and lets hope they don’t forget that! MinuteHound’s time clock is very easy to use and no instructions are needed except for “press your finger down” when they arrive, take breaks, and leave work. Then, back at the main office any manager can login from anywhere and check times, changes times, edit times, etc. You can do payroll from anywhere as the entire system is cloud based!

Why A Time Clock Needs To Be At Every Location

To save money but most importantly time! Using this technology at the workplace will eliminate fraud, mistakes, buddy punching and all forms of cheating. Not only will this time clock do that, but it will also save you money on each and every payroll. Most companies that use MinuteHound’s time clock save around 8% on average. That adds up very quickly to large sums of money! Let alone all the time it saves by not having to do anything besides login and export reports. Try MinuteHound time clock today for no risk and all reward!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Biometric Time Clock.

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