Is There An Affordable Time Clock For My Small Business?

Are There Affordable Time Clocks For Small Businesses?

There are always ways small business owners can cut costs, and most will look for big items in their budget that don’t add value to the business. But most don’t know that little things like time and attendance can also have costs cut. Why is it that not too many business owners look at their time clock and decide to change it? Often it’s because they become comfortable with what they have and don’t want to have to teach employees how to use a new one. Or they may not want to deal with processing errors that could happen if a new time and attendance system has setup problems. But systems that are cloud-based can be easier to manage and can actually save business owners money.

The costs of the old paper time sheets include having to buy stacks of them or printing them, the time it takes to collect them and enter the employee time information from them, and dealing with human errors or theft. Human errors are inevitable with paper timekeeping because an accountant or human resources manager could accidentally lose a time sheet or make a mistake in their hurry to enter employee hours. A standard digital time clock and timekeeping software can certainly reduce human errors and save on the costs of buying or printing time sheets. But some software can be very expensive, and not all software is able to prevent manipulation of hours. That’s why a quality biometric time clock connected to a cloud-based timekeeping system is a great choice for small businesses.

No Upfront Costs for MinuteHound’s Time Clock

Fingerprint AttendanceBelieve it or not, a biometric time clock costs very little upfront, and the setup and installation instructions are easy enough to follow that even people with very little computer knowledge can do it. Because this kind of system is cloud-based, employee clock-ins are stored and backed up and information entered immediately in payroll records. Businesses no longer have to worry about losing time cards or entering incorrect information in spreadsheets, but most importantly they don’t have to worry about time and attendance fraud.

Employees can no longer enter false information in time sheets or ask friends to punch their time card or log them in if they aren’t there. A biometric clock will use employees’ fingerprints to make sure it’s them clocking in or out, and managers can get access to clock-in data any time they want. The cost savings by having accurate payroll information and fraud reduction cannot be overstated, and that’s why MinuteHound offers a biometric time clock for small businesses.

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