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One of the biggest issues small business owners face is their time and attendance management. After all, how is any one person – any one office, even – going to absolutely ensure that their employees are coming in and leaving on time? And how are they going to do this reliably? It is an issue that many up and coming businesses struggle with, as they try to find a happy medium in which they are able to ensure employee attendance while also ensuring the integrity of time and attendance data submitted by employees.

MinuteHound, however, provides an overall solution to this issue with advanced technology in biometric scanning. With the fingerprint scanning system the company offers, small business owners are able to adequately track employee time and attendance down to the second they have clocked in for the day, ensuring there is no time theft throughout the company. This system – which is 100% paperless, as all data is stored on the cloud – provides a solution to common time clock issues such as “I forgot my password” or “my computer was slow to boot up this morning” – it gives the exact time the employee arrived to work. The system is so advanced, in fact, that it will send a message to the employer if an employee clocks in late or leaves early.

Biometric Time and Attendance Solves Many Common Problems

Naturally, there are some concerns many employers may have. How secure is this? With 128-bit encryption, you can ensure your employee data is safe on MinuteHound servers. Furthermore, should you decide that the system doesn’t work for you, the company advertises itself as risk-free, with no obligations – meaning you are welcome to change your plan at any time. And, with around the clock support available, business owners can troubleshoot their time clock system at any time – day or night.

Fingerprint ClockAlternatively, if business owners are worried that this time and attendance system may be a little on the pricey side, MinuteHound does offer a web-based version of their software. This web-based version allows employers to track where employees are clocking in from, and at what time, with a simple username and password authentication from any location. While this system isn’t necessarily as foolproof as the biometric system, it does allow employers to determine if the employee is currently at work, or if they are attempting to manipulate company time, reducing time theft overall.

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These systems, provided by MinuteHound, allow small and large business owners alike to effectively manage their time and attendance without worry. With the simple, easy to use system, employers know when their employees are in, saving them the time and hassle of manual attendance tracking, making it a great choice for many companies.

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