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What Can Job Tracking Software Do For You?

There was a time not so long ago when high technology really wasn’t synonymous with time clocks. Paper punch cards and ID badges were the order of the day, which were both slow to use and fraught with the potential for time theft. In modern times, job tracking software is not only common but actually the norm. That said, not every job tracking software suite was created equal. That’s where MinuteHound comes in. We provide a convenient and seamless fusion between software and hardware.

It all begins with our biometric technology. This is the backbone of our job tracking software suite, and it’s sure to be the innovation that best benefits you and your growing business. Biometrics are a way for employees to clock in and out using only their fingerprint. The benefits for this can be enormous. It’s not uncommon for even large workforces to have only a few time clocks for many employees. When everybody is already impatient to get home to their families, the extra few seconds it takes to take out a badge and swipe it can add up to a lot of unnecessary frustration. Why not cut down on that frustration with MinuteHound’s job tracking software? You might be amazed at how much your workplace morale will improve.

Job Tracking Software – Streamline Responsibilities

It’s not only about improving the employee experience, however. Everyone involved in the management team will be pleased to know that our job tracking software will streamline their responsibilities as well. With MinuteHound, everything is automated. Managers won’t have to chase after irresponsible employees: now, whenever someone clocks in late for their shift, the job tracking software generates an automatic email or text message notification. The same holds true if they clock out early. What this means is that managers have the means to automatically track potential time theft, and it adds a degree of accountability for all of the employees.

Secure Employee Tracking SoftwareMinuteHound’s job tracking software also has the distinction of being cloud based. This isn’t marketing jargon: there are very real, day-to-day benefits from storing your company’s data in the cloud. To begin with, it means that your records are current up to the minute. It also means that you can access company records from any computer, anywhere you happen to be. If you’re a manager who likes to take a hands-on approach even when you’re away from work, the benefits of this are obvious. For those who have security on their mind, you can also rest assured that your company’s data is being kept safe, locked behind 128-bit encryption.

If you feel your workplace would benefit from cutting-edge biometric technology and a powerful job tracking software suite, there’s never been a better time to see what MinuteHound can do for you.

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