LAN Employee Monitor- Time Keeping Using both Hardware and Software

Timekeeping Using a LAN in the Workplace

Timekeeping in the workplace is both hugely important and rife with potential problems. A workforce with a large number of employees can produce particularly frustrating problems, not the least of which is time theft. Even inadvertent time theft and accidental time clock punching can be a hassle if your company isn’t prepared with the right tools.

If your company has struggled with keeping track of employee hours or is simply tired of storing paperwork and piles of time clock punch cards, now might be the perfect time to consider adding a LAN employee monitor to your workplace.

What Is a LAN Employee Monitor?
The MinuteHound LAN employee monitor is a combination of powerful hardware and software that is easy to install and communicates over your company’s existing network. Our biometric time clock is easily installed in a high-traffic area of your workplace, and from there communicates with the MinuteHound time tracking software running on your office computers.

As a result, installation is just about painless and requires no exceptional technical skill. Even if you don’t currently have an in-house IT department, you’re quite likely to find that our LAN employee monitor can become a vital part of your daily life in the workplace in no time at all.

Powered by the Cloud
When we were designing our LAN employee monitor, it was conceived from the ground up to take advantage of powerful cloud features. We know that accidents can happen, which is why it makes sense to back up your important timekeeping data to a remote server. There, it’s kept safely encrypted and away from fallible physical hardware in the workplace. Best of all, it can be retrieved from just about anywhere, meaning our LAN employee monitor is also highly conducive to remote working. Thanks to live reporting features, managers who have to work offsite will still have access to up-to-the-minute timekeeping data.

Automated Timekeeping
LAN Employee MonitorWe understand that you wouldn’t want to entirely remove the personal touch from HR procedures or timekeeping, which is why the automated features of our LAN employee monitor are designed to perfectly complement your existing managerial processes instead of replacing them outright. The key automation feature is the system’s ability to alert you if an employee leaves early or clocks in late. It’s going to save you a lot of trouble in the long run, since you won’t have to manually search through your records for the timekeeping discrepancies.

A Comprehensive Solution
If you’ve been looking for a timekeeping solution that perfectly combines powerful automated tools while still offering a great deal of control, we think you’ll appreciate the MinuteHound LAN employee monitor. Our customers have no long-term commitments or maintenance contracts to sign: just reliable, hassle-free service.

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