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Upgrade Your Timekeeping to MinuteHound

Tired of paper punch cards and printed employee schedules? Ready to go green and rid your office of all that paper you use for timekeeping? Then it’s time to upgrade to MinuteHound online scheduling software to ease your timekeeping worries.

Time Tracking at Your Fingertip
MinuteHound online scheduling software replaces the expensive, cumbersome mechanical timeclock with simple USB scanners. You can attach these scanners to any of the computers in your business. When an employee is ready to begin their shift, they simply swipe their fingertip on the scanner and they’re punched in. When their shift is over, they swipe their fingertip again, and they’re clocked out. No muss, no fuss, and no training required!

While MinuteHound makes things easier for your employees, it also makes things much simpler for you. Our online scheduling software lets you get a quick and accurate report of all your employees. Quickly see who is reporting on time, who is tardy, and who may be trying to squeeze in some unauthorized overtime.

The Power of the Cloud
Because MinuteHound is web-based, you or your managers can access its data from any data connection. You no longer need to be in the office to make sure your operation is running smoothly. Just log into MinuteHound from wherever you are and get realtime time tracking and attendance reports. Because MinuteHound online scheduling software operates in the cloud, there’s no need for cumbersome software installation or powerful computers in your business. All you need running on your computer is the driver for the USB scanner – all the heavy lifting is done on MinuteHound’s cloud servers, safe and secure from tampering thanks to our 128-bit encryption. And the power of the cloud means you are be out of touch with your business. Just hop on the internet and get instant reports of everything happening with your employees.

Online Scheduling Software- 24/7 Access To Automated Reports

Work Tracking Through BiometricsThe online scheduling software inside MinuteHound will alert you, your managers, and your employees whenever a schedule changes. Using the MinuteHound’s online scheduling software reports, you can adjust the schedule to account for busy or slow periods. You make the schedule changes in the MinuteHound online scheduling software and the affected employees and managers get instant email notifications.

Stop Fraud and Get Accurate Time Reports
The MinuteHound online scheduling software tracks worker time by fingerprints. That insures that employees are present at their shift location. One finger swipe stops buddy punching. Fraud prevention and accurate reporting saves our users from 2- to 8-percent on their payroll costs. Ready to save time and money? Upgrade your business to MinuteHound today.

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Biometric Time Tracking OnlineNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Online Scheduling Software.

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