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When you look at your payroll, what do you see? You see a lot of people who said that they have been working hard, but how true is it? While a fair chunk of your employee base is probably honest, you will find that there are always people who are adding a few hours every week or who show up late all the time but receive credit for perfect attendance. When you are tired of paying people for work that they did not do, consider MinuteHound’s impressive time clock solutionsa.

Looking at MinuteHound’s Time Clock Solutions
You should never pick up a solution that you do not understand, but fortunately, the time clock solutions promoted by MinuteHound are simple! With these time clock solutions, you will simply hook a fingerprint reader to your employees’ work computers, install some software and be ready to go! Essentially, you will find that these MinuteHound devices force your employees to put in their finger print in order to be logged in. They cannot log in unless they themselves are at their work stations.

Greater Accountability with MinuteHound’s Time Clock Solutions
Essentially, with this single piece of technology, you are asking your employees to do their job. Instead of relying on the honor system, which works for some and only provokes others into cheating, you will be enforcing their work time. With these time clock solutions, if they have not checked in by a certain amount of time, a message, whether email or text, is sent to their manager. This allows you to know intimately who is working and who is simply not available!

Send the Time Clock Solutions Out
Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackRemember that your time clock solutions are not limited to the office. Think about your employees who work out in the field, and how they usually go without observation. With this program, you can simply add a device to their company laptops, allowing them to check in when they are doing work and ready to go. The information about their work is sent straight to the cloud, where it is held securely until you are ready to see them. It is never easy to collate a hundred paper payroll slips, but now you are going to be doing it all at the flick of a button.

When you are looking for time clock solutions, remember that it is always easier than you think it has to be when it comes to MinuteHound. Finding the right solution for your work and your company is something that can change the way you do business immediately!

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