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Top Reasons to Use a Time Clock Machine for Payroll

Time clocks have been around for generations. These simple devices allow companies to log work hours of employees on hourly wages. There are several factors, such as size of company, which must be considered before investing in the right time clock machine. The larger the organization, the more difficult it gets to monitor the work hours of employees. This also makes it harder to determine payroll accurately. Further, abusive practices, such as buddy punching and over-punching are also known to yield a costly impact on the company payroll, necessitating the use of a reliable and foolproof time clock system.

Reasons to Use Time Clock Software
Without a standard time attendance system, an employer has to rely on traditional methods, such as attendance registers. This can lead to erroneous calculation of work hours, which is treated as a serious offense. The registers are also at risk of fraud, so it makes complete sense to replace them with an accurate time attendance system.

Clearly Notify When an Employee is within the Organization
A particular employee may be immediately required to take care of an important task during work hours. The only legitimate way of establishing employee presence is by monitoring the time clock software that will reveal if the employee is indeed present in the organization or not.

Simplify Payroll Processing
Time clock software automates the process of preparing and processing payroll. Advanced attendance management systems, such as MinuteHound can also be used to manage other employee related activities, such as leave management.

Eliminate Payroll Fraud
According to the American Payroll Association, payroll fraud can cost a company up to 8 percent of its payroll.

Improve Attendance Standards
Plug and Play Biometric Attendance SystemAccurate time clock software, such as MinuteHound enables companies to improve their attendance standards and ultimately make a more productive workforce. They also eliminate practices, such as buddy punching and overclocking of employee hours.

MinuteHound Cloud-based Time Clock Software
MinuteHound’s patented cloud-based time clock system uses employee biometrics to monitor work hours accurately. Fingerprint scanners are used to scan an employee who clocks in or out. The information is then routed through an encrypted connection to MinuteHound’s servers preventing anyone from manipulating the collected data. This data can be made available to the concerned managers and other senior staff in the form of useful reports. Payroll preparation is also overly simplified and largely automated with the use of this advanced time clocking software. Employee clocking information can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. As such, employers do not need to keep a physical check on employees’ attendance practices. SMS-based alerts can also be set up to notify reporting managers when their employees are late for work.

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