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MinuteHound: The Most Efficient Time Clock For Your Business

Do you need a time clock for your company? Forget about old-fashioned clocks with paper slips to keep track of (and possibly lose.) MinuteHound is the most efficient time clock you could ask for. This high-tech, computerized time clock replacement will bring your company’s time accounting into the 21st century.

What Makes MinuteHound The most Efficient Time Clock

MinuteHound is a combination software package, biometric fingerprint scanner and cloud service. It can be installed on any computer with a standard USB port. When an employee wishes to clock in or out, they only need to touch the scanner. MinuteHound will automatically identify them and log the time. This simple approach not only adds ease of use, it also improves accountability. Clock events are stored electronically and can be retrieved at any time, even remotely from any Internet-connected device. MinuteHound’s cloud-based interface supports any PC operating system, smartphones and tablets. It can even automatically send an e-mail or text message if an employee clocks in late or leaves early.

MinuteHound is completely electronic. There is no physical clock or cards to tamper with. Because employees are identified by their fingerprint, there is no risk of an employee clocking in or out for someone else. As a result, it is now possible to prevent time theft from the company using the most efficient time clock! Clock event and employee fingerprint records are stored with 128-bit encryption, keeping them safe from prying eyes.

Is It Difficult to Install?

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Not only is MinuteHound, the most efficient time clock, easy to install and operate, it requires no training or learning curve. MinuteHound, the most efficient time clock, is “plug and play” in nature, requiring no technical expertise due to its intuitive design. Connecting the fingerprint scanner is as easy as using a thumb drive.

If you’d like to keep costs down or omit the scanner for a different reason, MinuteHound can be utilized without it. Even then, it is still the most efficient time clock you can get! This is particularly useful if you have employees who work from home or at a remote location, such as in the field. Employees can clock in or out by accessing the cloud service from any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. They can accomplish this quickly by using their username and password. The IP address is recorded so an employer can verify if they’re at work or not!

MinuteHound, the most efficient time clock, is free of risk and obligation. Not only that, this most efficient time clock is sure to save your business money in the long term! Don’t wait- try it today!

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