Stop Payroll Fraud and Time Theft With A Finger Timeclock

MinuteHound’s Finger Timeclock System Is the Way of the Future

Punching in and out for work using a finger timeclock is the way of the future. This method is safe and easy for employees, but it is hassle-free for the employer too! MinuteHound’s finger timeclock system is a cheap solution for many problems employers deal with on a daily basis.

The Buddy System
One of the major issues employers face using the old method is people clocking in for their friends. Especially when they are going to be late! Using a finger timeclock, this is impossible to do. Without the unique print from the worker, they will not be able to clock in and out of the system. This guarantees all time is reported accurately for each member of the staff.

Time Theft is a Serious Crime
Time theft is also another major factor to consider when looking at the finger timeclock system. There are many dishonest employees in the workforce, ready to take advantage whenever possible. Asking a buddy to clock them out later and then leaving for the day happens a lot. With the finger timeclock, only the person who is registered to that fingerprint will be able to clock in and out of the system!

A Cloud-Based Difference
The software used for the finger timeclock is stored in the cloud. This means that accessing it from anywhere there is an Internet connection is quick and simple. Would you like to receive a text message or e-mail alert if an employee doesn’t clock in on time or leaves their shift early? This is possible with the finger timeclock system!

Let Mistakes and Errors Be a Thing of the Past
Fingerprint AttendanceMinuteHound’s finger timeclock system will do all the payroll work for you. You can access reports directly from the cloud at anytime. Yes, this includes from your own home as well! Getting information together for payroll purposes has never been as simple and easy as this.

This really is as easy as it sounds. MinuteHound’s finger timeclock system is completely risk free with absolutely no obligations. It’s even designed to just plug in and be usable right from the start! With no learning curve required, this is a system that anyone can use and get comfortable with instantly. Say goodbye to the old paper method, and hello to the future of time management.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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