Mobile Workforce Management: Exceeding Your Business Priorities

Mobile Workforce Management: How It Works

Technology whether you realize it or not is now present in just about every aspect of a persons life. From the GPS in your car, to mobile phones and computers, technology helps you complete common and complex tasks. It is no different for business. By using the power of the web, your able to manage your employees in multiple locations from a single terminal. Mobile workforce management offers tools and resources available that will power your business and give managers the flexibility they need to manage. Payroll will also become error and mistake free. Mobile workforce management is cost effective, efficient, and 100% safe and secure.

Mobile workforce management starts at your place of business. After you setup an account, a small device is mailed to you. This device is your biometric fingerprint scanner. Your employees show up to work, take breaks, and leave for the day all while taking about 2 seconds to place their finger on the scanner. This process is short and sweet and does a number of things behind the scenes. For starters, by having your employees use their fingerprints to clock-in compared to using a pen, pin, or password, your guaranteeing accuracy. Fingerprints are unique and cannot be shared. Now, payroll fraud and time theft are non-existent.

After your employees place their finger on the scanner, all the information is recorded live. This is how and where mobile workforce management takes over. From any location, a manager can log-in and view in real time who is on the clock, in which department, and so much more. Even employees from home can view their own time. They can’t change or edit anything, just keep track of their own hours. Mobile workforce management is a full solution for all levels and users.

Mobile Workforce Management: Secure, Safe, And Convenient

Mobile workforce management tools from MinuteHound are 100% safe to use and privacy is guaranteed. Fingerprints are never stored. Instead of an image, all prints are broken down into a series of numbers. No other biometric option can do this. Your business will have the advantage in more ways than one. All users, from basic employees to administrators will have no worries about their information, as it is never at risk. HR departments love MinuteHound’s mobile workforce management as it totally secure and safe to use.

Mobile Workforce Management: Take The Next StepBy using mobile workforce management, you are using the latest and greatest cloud technology. Nothing is ever stored locally. Fire, smoke, or water damage as well as theft will never affect your MinuteHound data. All information is encrypted and transferred using 128-bit encryption. The program runs in the background of any PC you currently use in your place of business. Nothing is ever saved to your PC, and you don’t have to dedicate it to run MinuteHound. Your employees can use it as they normally would, and the scanner can be placed up to 54 feet away using extension cords.

Mobile Workforce Management: Why Choose MinuteHound?

MinuteHound has over 150,000 daily users. Mobile workforce management will give you the ability to take your business to the next level. With MinuteHound, you will be able to setup custom alert messages to notify you if your employees ever show up late or leave early. Did they “forget” to clock-in? No problem, as you can receive a text and/or e-mail letting you know. Mobile workforce management is not just a tool, but another level of management always on the clock.

MinuteHound requires no long term commitments. You can cancel at anytime for any reason. At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, it fits any budget. Also, mobile workforce management is completely paperless. You will be saving money in multiple ways. You will automatically be saving an estimated 5-8% on your payroll expenses. Quickbooks and other payroll services all support MinuteHound. Mobile workforce management is completely risk free. You have nothing to lose except saving money and time. If you don’t like MinuteHound, then you can return the scanner and get your money back. The scanner is backed by a lifetime warranty and when we receive your scanner, the purchase price is refunded to you.

Upgrade today and start realizing all the benefits and features your business could be using right now with MinuteHound’s mobile workforce management.

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