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Why Your Company May Be Losing Money

The clock was invented in the 14th century. We still use clocks to determine our payroll. Humans have invented innovation after innovation for everything, but we still use clocks to track how much we owe our employees. This has created a great amount of unneeded expenses within the business community. As a small to medium-sized business, your business needs all the profit and capital it can get in order to reach that next level. That is why MinuteHound created their employee time clock software, to help you reach your goals. In this article, several reasons will be covered why you should integrate an employee time clock into your business model.

Little Mistakes Can Create Big Problems

According to the American Payroll Association (APA), “time theft” or when an employee clocks out late, will happen 10 minutes each day per employee. This can be catastrophic to a midsize business who needs revenue. An employee time clock will fix this problem. MinuteHound is designed to give you control over your business. With several features like real-time tracking, alerts concerning time theft, and wage calculation, MinuteHound can replace most payroll systems.

Forget Payroll
Payroll is an ineffective solution for many businesses. If you are a 5-person company, you are merely wasting your time calculating all the wage expenses. Why not automate that software so you can return to what really matters? An employee time clock is meant to alleviate any need for manually counting or adding up time. By integrating real-time attendance software, an employee time clock has the ability to clear a position within your company. This will generate more long-term profit, and free up your time as an entrepreneur.

Employee to Employer Reliability
Employee Attendance TrackingOne of the highest motivators among employees is the ability to trust their employer. Integrating an employee time clock cuts out the middle man. Your employees will no longer worry about whether they are being compensated correctly. With an employee time clock, they are held accountable for their hours worked, not you. Instead of resolving disputes through a tedious search through old time sheets, you can open up MinuteHound and the information will be there.

No More Buddy Punching

On many occasions, employees will help each other. This holds true for punching in on the time clock as well. To save money for your company, think about integrating an employee time clock into your business model. With fingerprint scanning, employees will be held accountable for the time they arrived to work.

Take control of your business today. If you are barely profiting or staying afloat, maybe an online time clock is the right decision for you. A time clock like Minutehound could help you get to the next level!

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