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How to Create a Better Workplace Routine with new Business Technology Employees are coming back and getting back into their work routines. How can you take the guesswork out of the process by using new business technology? Skip the time card paperwork and use a fingerprint scanner to clock in and out.

Business technology has grown so that, now, there are cost-effective ways to save on the everyday routines that your employees follow. One of the places that efficiency can be improved is around payroll. Take some pressure off of the employees by using safe and secure biometric fingerprint technology.

Why Fingerprint Technology?

Advancements in business technology can help your company’s bottom line. It can also streamline processes for employees by allowing them to sign in and out with a simple tap of their finger. Advanced fingerprint technology is making big moves in business tech because it helps companies…

  • Decrease or even eliminate theft
  • Reduce human error in payroll calculations
  • Stop buddy punching

Plus, if your company is climate-conscious, you’ll save a few trees and decrease your carbon footprint in the process of switching over to a paperless timestamp option like MinuteHound.

Is Fingerprint Timestamp Technology Expensive?

Not anymore. Because of the efficiency that business technology brings to a workplace and also with how new business technology is being built, the ability for businesses of any size to integrate fingerprint timestamp technology in a cost-effective way is easier than ever.

At less than the price of a standing office printer, MinuteHound makes it affordable to invest in a long term business solution for payroll. Their options save you money and increase employee productiveness and efficiency. Wondering how much MinuteHound would cost your business? Use their pricing calculator by clicking here.

For a better way to let your employees clock in and out and a more efficient system for payroll, try out MinuteHound. If you’ve been looking for a better way to let your employees clock in and out and a more efficient system for payroll, fingerprint business technology through MinuteHound is the best option.

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