No More Overpaying: Hold Employees Responsible for Their Hours Worked

Stop Overpaying with MinuteHound

Dedicated employees are needed for businesses to be successful. The cost of time theft and buddy punching can destroy a company. Overpaying has long reaching effects. The MinuteHound biometric time clock system eliminates any employee timing in and out misconduct.

The responsibility for clocking in and out lies with the employee. When they try to scam a time clock the business suffers. It hurts everyone, even those people who are honest in their dealings. If a company is losing money through overpaying for time theft, other employees may not get the raises or bonuses they deserve.

One of the costliest employee scams is buddy punching. This practice results in huge employee overpaying. The buddy punching practice may seem harmless at first glance, but is in fact very destructive. Late arrivals or employees that leave early ask a fellow worker to punch in for them. This is called buddy punching.

Time Theft + Punching = Overpaying Employees

People are often unaware of the damage they are doing when they steal time. Time is money to companies. Businesses need to stop overpaying for payroll. MinuteHound has the time theft solution.

The MinuteHound biometric clock makes employees be responsible for their own time. A special MinuteHound fingerprint scanner is used to identify each person. The print is turned into an encrypted 128-bit number that is fragmented and stored in a secure server. This simple process eliminates overpaying.

Work Tracking For All EmployeeEmployees can rest assured that their information is secure. This helps them feel comfortable about changing from the old fashioned way of clocking in to the modern efficient way. Once employees understand that overpaying is affecting their livelihood, they will support the change.

The transition period is nearly nonexistent. Any computer with internet access can act as the clock in terminal. All that is required is:

MinuteHound software

Overpaying Staff Should Be A Thing of The Past

Businesses of any size are helped with MinuteHound. There is no special training required to get started. Businesses just have to plug in the scanner to the USB port, download the software, enroll the employees, and get started.

Daily, monthly, and yearly data reports are easily accessed. Payroll overpayment is cut when using the MinuteHound time and attendance system. Gone are the times when human resources had to gather cards and calculate the numbers. Managers are taking back control with MinuteHound. They can view the data in real time. This allows them to see who is at work and determine if there are enough people on shift. Too many employees can be a costly mistake.

MinuteHound is the place to go to for time clock solutions. They have been helping businesses stop overpaying for years. Contact MinuteHound and start saving money.

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