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Save money and prevent headaches with MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance software

If you’ve never heard of MinuteHound, your business is losing money! MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance software eliminates the hassle of timekeeping so that you and your employees can just get to work. What is biometric fingerprint technology? Instead of a physical time card, or employee badge, each employee uses a finger to clock in and out! MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance software starts saving you money right out of the box, since it costs less than standard time clock systems.

This fingerprint attendance software system cuts out expensive overtime. The average business loses five percent of its payroll budget every month, because of unscheduled early clock-ins and late clock-outs. MinuteHound monitors employee time and sends alerts when an employee is late or comes in early. You will receive an email or text message alert, in real time. You can avoid wasting money on payroll and keep employees in check with one system. Plus, the fingerprint attendance software automatically calculates hours, so no paperwork shuffling for payroll.

Setup is simple! Plug your MinuteHound USB finger print scanner into your computer. With a click, download the fingerprint attendance software. Register each employee with their fingerprint, and you’re ready to work. You can even customize your finger print scanner’s look with your company logo. Having trouble? MinuteHound offers round the clock tech support if you need assistance.

How it All Works

Save Money. Be Happy! Attendance Software Free!MinuteHound fingerprint attendance software is cloud based. This means it won’t take up massive amounts of data on your hard drive, and it’s compatible for login with desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Cloud based also means accessible from anywhere, so you can check in on your staff from your beach side hammock if needed. See what your employees are up to, and receive alerts when someone is late, leaves early, or works unscheduled overtime. Reports are real time and can be filtered for different departments or branches, so you always have up to date schedule information.

MinuteHound keeps employees honest, because the fingerprint attendance software won’t allow them to clock in or out without being physically present. This prevents buddy punching, because workers can’t clock in or out for each other. Employees can also check in on a smartphone or tablet without a fingerprint, but the IP address is recorded so their actual location is verified.

What about confidentiality? After each user’s finger print is scanned, it is encoded into a string of numbers that acts as a binary code identifier. No fingerprints are stored on a device after they are scanned. Also, the fingerprint attendance software uses 128-bit encryption to keep your company’s data secure. Secure, convenient, and money saving, fingerprint attendance software is helpful for any business.

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