Office Time Clock For Every Organization

Is the Office Time Clock Right For Your Company?

Do your employees need to be paid correctly each and every pay period? Want to lower costs and keep accurate reports for both business and legal reasons? Then MinuteHound’s office time clock is the perfect fit for your organization. It works off of a small USB device. It gets plugged into any office PC and your employees can record their entrance times, exits times and all their breaks. They do this without pen and paper or having to carrying a card around. All they have to do in order to use the office time clock is simply press their finger down. This works by biometric technology which identifies an individual via their fingerprint. The office time clock uses this technology in order to stop time theft and fraud. Each and every organization can benefit from the very first day of use.

How Does the Office Time Clock Fit into an Organization?

You can easily order an office time clock that will be shipped right to your business. Then all that needs to be done is plug it in and download the software. The entire process takes about 10 minutes or less. Assistance is always available if needed. Otherwise that is about it. The office time clock is very easy to use and operate and designed to be user friendly. All employees have to know and remember is to simply press their finger down. This will first identify them, and then record their time. All times are transferred to the cloud where managers can access them at anytime, from anywhere. The office time clock never records anything local. Everything is recorded offsite safely and securely in the cloud. This way all your records are just clicks away should you ever need access to them.

MinuteHound is Risk Free!

The office time clock is so good, that MinuteHound requires no commitments or obligations! You are never locked into anything and can cancel anytime. You can even return the scanner to get a full refund on the scanner itself! That is how confident MinuteHound in its software and technology. Don’t work harder, work smarter. Let the office time clock take care of all your time and attendance needs. From the actual verification of employees being on time and being physically present, all the way to creating custom reports just the way your business needs them. MinuteHound is already in place all over the globe. Try it out today and see why for yourself!

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MinuteHound Office Time Clock.

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