Is A Fingerprint Scanner Right for Your Business?

The MinuteHound Fingerprint Scanner – Eliminate Time Theft in the Workplace

Time theft is a problem in just about every industry. When employees steal time, it costs your company money. It’s difficult to put a figure on how much companies lose to time theft, but this chart should give you a good idea of how much of your profits you may be losing per year. Keep in mind that this money is just being tossed out the window instead of being put back into your company.

What is Time Theft?

Time theft is when an employee accepts pay for any time they haven’t actually worked. Here are a few examples of time theft:

  • Reporting inaccurate hours
  • Leaving for breaks early/returning late
  • Late arrival/early departure
  • Unauthorized overtime

Not all time theft is intentional. For example, an employee may leave early due to sickness, or perhaps they were late getting out of bed. However, it’s very important to both you and your company to stress the importance of minimizing tardiness in the workplace. In 2015, a company called Software Advice released a study to determine the extent of time theft in the workplace. According to this study, nearly half of the workers they surveyed had admitted to committing time theft in one way or another. The most common time theft method was reporting inaccurate times, while buddy punching was the least common. Keep in mind that these are employees who have admitted to time theft. The actual figures are much larger.

Introducing MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Scanner

MinuteHound has revolutionized the time clock industry. Researchers there have combined a fingerprint scanner with a time clock to help companies deal with time theft. The MinuteHound fingerprint scanner is a small USB device. Once your employees use the fingerprint scanner, their fingerprint is converted into binary data and transferred to a secure cloud server, along with their time and attendance data. The fingerprint scanner makes buddy punching a thing of the past because fingerprints are unique to every individual. Here’s why your company should consider using the MinuteHound fingerprint scanner:

  • Easy installation – MinuteHound’s fingerprint scanner is easy to set up. Just plug the device into any computer on your corporate network, install the software and you’re good to go. There’s no need for a dedicated server.

  • Organization of Data – Data is organized in easy-to-read charts and graphs.

  • Easy data access – Data can be accessed via the Internet on any wireless device. Furthermore, access can be granted to your payroll department. Just create a username and password for the entire department. You can even set permissions limiting their access!

All fingerprint scanners come with a 10-foot USB cable, but extension cables can be bought from MinuteHound. Up to 5 extension cables can be used. This allows the fingerprint scanner to be placed up to 50 feet away from the computer.

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