The Fingerprint Time Clock that Trumps All the Rest

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Throw away the pen and paper. There is no more need for time cards or any old fashioned system. In most cases, even honest employees are not honest when it deals with their time. No one wants a short paycheck and a very select few will lose any sleep of adding 10 or 15 minutes to their day. The fingerprint time clock cuts this out. Employees are held accountable for their own actions. The fingerprint time clock does not allow employees to pad their hours or for friends to cover for each other. Each and every employee must be on time and present to begin recording their time. No more honor system. No more cheating or sneaking away early.

The Fingerprint Time Clock That Needs No Adjusting

Don’t worry about messy installs or hard to read instructions. The fingerprint time clock installs easily and fast. Just take the scanner, plug it in, and download the software. That’s it for installation! Sounds pretty easy right. After its installed it is just a matter of inputting your employees name and enrolling their fingerprint. Takes about 1 minute or less to do. Even if you need help tech support is always on stand by. Contact anytime for help with reporting, scanning, or anything at all. Once that is complete its just a matter of having employees place their finger down to start recording. All the times are transferred offline to a cloud server so you can access the data from anywhere and at anytime you want.

Order Today and Start Saving Tomorrow!

The Fingerprint time clock is not hard to get, its just a few clicks away! Once you order the unit it gets shipped to you via Priority mail. Within a few days you can be up and running with the latest and greatest technology available. Reports are all custom, so you can mix and match the date you need and take out what you don’t. You can also setup alerts and rounding if you wanted too. MinuteHound has you covered! Try it today!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.

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