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Online Attendance: Employee Time Tracking from Anywhere

Time and attendance is a staple of every business. Employees don’t work for free right! Online attendance is a system that is modern technology for modern applications. Instead of having some old dusty out-of-date machine, MinuteHound provides an online attendance system that is both accurate and inexpensive. Nowadays, having a computer, tablet, smartphone or all of the above are pretty much commonplace. All you need to do is assign an employee an username and password to use the system. This is how they record their time. They log in, from anywhere on any device, and click a button which will record their time. It also records the IP address. So it is very easy to track them and understand where they were when they clocked in, or where they were not.

Online Attendance For Employee and Employer

The beauty of online attendance is that it works for everyone. Both the employee and employer love the system as it is easy to use, provides clear and detailed reports, and ensures payroll accuracy. Employers do not want to overpay or get hit with expensive payroll expenses. It is a win-win with MinuteHound! The online attendance system is also green as grass! No paper required as everything is online and digital. Records are kept safely and securely for many years. If you need to access a past employee, no problem at all. The online attendance makes management easy and stress free.

Is Online Attendance Expensive or Require Equipment?

No! MinuteHound’s online attendance system requires no equipment except access to the internet. In today’s technological world, every employee has a mobile device with access to the internet. An old PC or laptop also works. The cost of the system is just $1.00 per employee. So whether your a small company or large organization, MinuteHound has a plan available depending upon your needs. No commitments required either, so you’re never locked into anything or have to pay for something you don’t need or want. Call anytime for help or billing! Try it today with no risk only reward.

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