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Does Time Clock Software Really Work?

YES! Time clock software is so effective because it does not allow any type of fraud to take place. Think about your current form of tracking time and attendance. It is most likely based on some type of honor system. Where employees show up to work, hopefully on time and stay until their designated end time without leaving a few minutes early or even worse, trying to tack on some OT. MinuteHound’s time clock software does not allow this or any other type of error and intentional fraud to go unnoticed. How does a text message sound if someone is late to work or doesn’t show up at all? How about a text and/or email if someone sips out the door 20 minutes early? Not only does time clock software not allow for friends to cover for each other, it will also act as an extra manager on duty should someone not follow their assigned schedule.

Who is the Perfect Fit for Time Clock Software?

Any and all business! Whether small or large the common denominator is employees. Whether you have 5 or 500 they have to record their time in order to get paid. Even if you have salaried employees, they should be accountable for their time on the job. MinuteHound time clock software only charges $1.00 per employee, so it is really affordable on any level. The process of installation is super easy as well. With a single click it downloads, runs and within minutes ready to go. The time clock software will run in the background so no need to buy any extra equipment or dedicate a single PC to use it. For a small business this is invaluable as MinuteHound allows you to track, in real time, the comings and goings of all staff members.

I Don’t Want to Commit to This or Be Locked into Anything?

Not with MinuteHound! No obligations required. MinuteHound is month-to-month so you can use time clock software for as long or as little as you would like. You can also adjust as you go. So if your company has 100 employees for the holidays, but then downgrades in the off-season that is also fine! You will only pay for what you need. Just contact MinuteHound anytime to adjust billing. Try time clock software now and start changing the way you track time at your business!

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