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Would you believe that there are over 18 million results called up by an internet search of “online attendance system”? Looking for that perfect time and attendance system can be tiring. Some of the websites are vague and confusing. Can you even tell what they’re selling? Other sites offer products that sound good, but take a tech genius to install and use. Is one online attendance system really better than another? Can one online attendance system meet all of your business’ needs?

Look No Further!

The answers are yes and yes! MinuteHound offers everything that business owners want in a time and attendance system.

  • An online attendance system that is easy to install. Once you receive your USB scanner, just plug it into your computer’s USB port, download the MinuteHound software, and enroll your employees. MinuteHound is ready to use!
  • An online attendance system that is simple for employees to use. Employees will clock in and out by placing their finger on the fingerprint scanner. That’s it! No training needed. No one will miss those paper time sheets.
  • An online attendance system with easy to read results. MinuteHound creates real time reports that are very easy to read. MinuteHound’s web portal allows you to access all of your data at any time from anywhere.
  • An online attendance system that records accurate clock in and out times.MinuteHound instantly and accurately records the time on a secure remote server whenever someone clocks in or out. Since the data is not stored on your computer, it won’t be effected by computer crashes or power outages. MinuteHound’s clock will never be out of sync! MinuteHound is even accurate for businesses with multiple work locations.
  • An online attendance system that makes it easy to calculate hours worked. MinuteHound calculates hours worked for you! Sick days, vacation days, holidays, and more can be calculated too.
  • An online attendance system that helps avoid money losses from buddy punching and schedule exceptions. MinuteHound’s USB fingerprint scanner eliminates buddy punching since no two fingerprints are alike. Whenever a schedule exception occurs, MinuteHound will notify a manager by email or text message, depending on the settings you choose.
  • An online attendance system that fits within the business’ budget. Not only does MinuteHound cost less than other systems but it can save your business between 2 – 8 percent off your payroll. You can’t afford not to try MinuteHound!

MinuteHound is One in a Million

Why keep searching the web? MinuteHound has everything you need and more. Getting started is easy. MinuteHound’s website is easy to navigate and their customer service is always there to help.

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Biometric Time & AttendanceNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Online Attendance System.

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