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Secure and Safe Online Employee Records

Online employee records are the new standard for business. Gone are the days of sifting and searching through boxes of information. If you need to find something, it should always be quick, fast, and in a hurry. Although speed is great, security and safety of the information must also be present. Now, the best of both worlds meet and bring savings and convenience to companies of all sizes.

Online employee records are now available for viewing, editing, updating, and payroll functions. Within a few clicks, your able to search and find any piece of data you need or want. If an employee ever claims or files a discrepancy about an incorrect paycheck, you can just log in and look for yourself. MinuteHound is down to the second accurate. Also, biometric technology is what guarantees employee accountability. You will never over or under pay again. Savings, security, accessibility, and peace of mind all go hand and hand with online employee records.

Another added benefit of MinuteHound is the alert system. Now, if any of your employees “forget” to clock in, show up late, or leave early, your instantly notified through text and e-mail alerts. You don’t need a manager to watch over staff anymore. If you ever receive an alert, your able to log in and view your online employee records from anywhere. Don’t cancel your dinner plans. Don’t worry about dishonest employees. With online employee records, you have 24/7 access to your staff. Your office is now virtual. You can eliminate certain manager positions to cut down on payroll.

Online Employee Records Is Tried, Tested, and Proven

Online Employee Records Are Accessible From Anywhere, AnytimeOver 150,000 employees clock in and out of work everyday using MinuteHound. Employers, managers, and business owners of all sizes, from retail to wholesale and everything in between benefit from having online employee records. The entire system is a true solution for today, and everyday after. First, your mailed a biometric fingerprint scanner in the mail. This is how your employees and staff will now record their time. This time is recorded live. This data is transferred via 128-bit encryption to offsite cloud servers. It is cloud computing at it’s best. With online employee records there is no chance of identity theft. MinuteHound’s process is the most secure and safe method on the market.

Online employee records is also green technology. It is 100% paperless. There is no other inventory to keep up with. No supplies to order. The software is downloaded from the internet and will never expire. If there is ever an update, you get it. No additional costs to you, ever. Having online employee records as part of your management routine will have great effects. You will have so much more time never having to manually count or add hours. Payroll is now automated. If you ever need to find something, you can do so from home or on the go. Online employee records allows automation of daily tasks that increase savings, reduce costs, and most of all eliminate stress. You will never lose anything again. Try MinuteHound now risk free.

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