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Online Time Clock Sets The New Standard In Business Technology

Every company has employees. Every company by law must pay their employees as well. Although there are so many various time clock options to choose from, none of them come close to MinuteHound’s online time clock. When you are responsible for keeping track of employees’ attendance and work hours, mobility and security are needed. It can be daunting to choose from all of the options because they may all seem the same. However, there is one time and attendance solution that stands out among all of the competitors. MinuteHound, a biometric time and attendance product, is the best solution for your company. Having an online time clock will give you a huge advantage, as well as being able to save time, money and stress.

Having an online time clock will give you instant access to your reports, records, and information. No more digging through boxes. Manual files take up space, can be stolen, and typically end up costing you time and money just to keep them around. MinuteHound’s online time clock is 100% paperless. From now on, all your reports and attendance records are clicks away. Information can never be stolen. Privacy and security are guaranteed. MinuteHound’s online time clock stores all information via 128-bit encryption offsite in the cloud. Physical theft and also hacking are impossible. No images are ever kept. The online time clock is not only innovative, but completely safe for all users.

What Makes The Online Time Clock So Great?

From the golf course or on your boat, you have access. An online time clock is accessible from your iPhone, Droid, Tablet or any other device with an internet connection. When an employee arrives, leaves, or takes a break at work they clock in and out with their finger. MinuteHound is the full and total solution. A biometric fingerprint time clock will be mailed to you. Free shipping. Once you setup the scanner, the online time clock takes effect. Web based time tracking and employee responsibility at it’s finest.

More Reasons Why The Online Time Clock Is The Your Only Choice:

Biometric Technology
MinuteHound’s online time clock uses biometric technology to ensure that employees cannot manipulate, abuse, or fudge their hours. They cannot clock or punch in for their friends. A business simply plugs in a small biometric device to a computer, and employees clock in by placing a finger on the device. The biometric scanner identifies the employee and records the time down to the second. You can be assured that the employee who actually clocks in is the employee who is being paid. No cheating allowed. The online time clock uses biometric technology which makes it foolproof. Sleep well, MinuteHound is on the clock!

Real-Time Reporting
Online Time Clock Offers Anytime Anywhere AccessWhen you use MinuteHound’s online time clock, you can take advantage of the real-time monitoring and reporting that the online system provides. Designated managers can sign in at any time to view which employees are on the clock at that very moment. You can also choose to receive alerts through emails or text messages when employees are late or leave early. This way you never have to worry about employees showing up and not staying until the end of their shift. Employees can no longer “forget” to clock in or out. Human mistake is gone. The online time clock alerts in real time. No more overtime. No more fraud.

Generates Reports
Typically, it takes hours to calculate and review payroll. However times have changed. Modern technology has taken over. MinuteHound’s online time clock makes this process very simple for you. MinuteHound generates payroll reports automatically, saving you a lot of time and frustration. MinuteHound data can also be exported to allow import into accounting systems. The online time clock makes conducting mandatory business tasks easy and simple. MinuteHound is your tried, tested, and proven to work biometric solution!

One of the best reasons why MinuteHound beats its competitors is that it is so simple to use. All that you have to do is plug in the biometric scanner, and the software is downloaded. Install the software and enroll your employees. There is no training required. No downtime or learning curves. Complete installation takes under ten minutes. After your employees are registered, the online time clock takes over. If you do need assistance, it is available to you round the clock. Never feel alone. MinuteHound stands with you at all times. Success is team driven, and now you have the best team in the industry supporting you.

Affordable and Risk Free
Build Your Success With MinuteHoundHere is the best part! The entire MinuteHound online time clock system is designed for YOUR company. How is that possible? This is advanced technology and you only pay for the size of your company. Every type of industry from mega-corporations to small sized companies benefit from MinuteHound. Now it’s your turn. The entire system is $1.00 per employee. Yes, you only pay for the size of YOUR company. The biometric scanner is a one time fee of $99.95, which is backed for life! There is literally no risk to you. This online time clock is so perfect for your business, that you will never have a reason to return it. However if you do, no questions asked. Just return it for your money back.

Online Time Clock Includes Lifetime Updates

MinuteHound’s online time clock can save you time, frustration and money. You can reduce additional labor costs of monitoring the time clock and generating payroll reports. You can also save money by eliminating time clock fraud. On average, businesses save up to 5 percent on their payroll costs when they choose MinuteHound’s online time clock. This technology is always current. No expiration dates. Lifetime updates are included. Stay on top of your business, while we stay on top of ours. This is how great teams build relationships for success!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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